Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

I got to try a bunch of the new stuff on at the store today. One surprise was that I ended up going home with the Sun Runner SS in white. I've been thinking about getting an SPF top since I am getting sunburned when I am on my runs. My store had the Blush Quartz and White Run in the Sun longsleeve tops on markdown to something like $54. I was tempted but they are so long and seem like they'd be really hot for this time of year. They are also kind of see-through and cling to my mommy tummy. The Sun Runner is very loose fitting so isn't nearly as revealing as the Run in the Sun, even in the white. I like that the bottom three or so inches are mesh since the area where my tank overlaps the top of my running shorts gets hot due to the double layer. I like the open armpit even though I am going to have to get used to the idea of exposing my bra there but I didn't think it was that bad. The sleeves hit me in a similar spot to the woman in the second photo - towards my elbow, covering the most vulnerable part of my arm. I'm not particularly long between my waist and shoulder so this top ended at about my hip bones. I did not size down in it because it would have been too clingy. I think the open bottom and armpit will make this a really breezy top for running. I asked if any of the educators had tried the shirt yet and they said one girl had run in it and loved it. There is one review on the website and the woman loved hers. I am really looking forward to trying this out. I will update you on how it performs.

I also bought the lilac High Noon Dot Cool Racerback. I like how the purple looks with my run tan and the High Noon print has totally grown on me. I think I am done with dots now.

Other items I tried on/saw:
  • Tie and Fly tank - I thought it was a roomy true to size. It's ok but I didn't love it.
  • Bruised Berry Define Jacket - so gorgeous. I am sorely tempted to get this when I return the shorts.
  • Diversity Wunder Unders - very comfy but long. I'd definitely have to have them hemmed. I tried on the heathered charcoal. If you find regular luon ones hot for summer give these a try.
  • The Flash Light CRB, Define, and In Stride jackets. The CRB looked nice with my tan but the color glows. 
  • I saw the new Astro Wunder Unders and the purple ones are Grapeseed/Lilac. Lulu must be getting rid of left over material. I don't think they've ever done this before. They used to make headbands from their scraps. I would have to stalk the stores for months to years to get the matching headband for prints and colors. They are much better about simultaneously releasing matching headbands these days.
  • Fashion Island had a healthy markdown rack and I was able to take care of some Christmas and Father's Day shopping. They had a number of swiftly tees on markdown to $39. The Meditate Pullovers were on MD, May Wee Space Stride Jacket were $20 off and they had several sizes. They had a couple of 38D Ta Ta Tamers for $39. There was a bunch of other stuff but I am blanking on it.

The website says these are medium rise but the tag (and measurements) says otherwise.

I received my Dart and Dash shorts but don't really like them. I guess I should have paid attention to the description when it said low rise.  Not my mistake after all - the website description says the shorts are medium rise. However, the tag says low rise. The above photo compares the Dart and Dash to my favorite Take Flight Bike Shorts. I made some measurement comparisons (both are size 12):

                                         Dart & Dash                             Take Flight
Front rise:                              7"                                             9"
Rear Rise:                           9.5"                                            11"
Inseam:                                  6"                                         7.75"
Waist to leg opening:           12" front                                   15"
                                             14" rear                                     17"

I overlayed a pair of Reverse Groove shorts on the Dart and Dash and they are basically identical. Reverse Grooves have a slightly higher front rise - 8.25" but the rear is similar to the Dart and Dash. I really don't care for the low rise of the Dart and Dash so they will be going back. The lower rear rise means it won't work very well for spin class, either. I read the lululemon quarterly conference call transcript and they said there will be a spin and cycling capsule coming in August so maybe the Take Flights will come back or they'll put out another pair of luxtreme shorts with a higher rise.

Anyone Get Their Run: For Your Money Tank Yet?

There aren't any reviews on line yet. Did anyone order and get their Run: For Your Money Tank yet? I am curious as to how it fits, how supportive the bra is, how it functioned when you used it. Please share with us if you did - thanks!

New Items Added to We Made Too Much Section

New Items were added to the We Made Too Much section last night. The two good deals IMO are the Bliss Bag for $69 and Adjust Me Bra for $29 (though I've read people having issues with the straps coming undone).

New Bruised Berry Bag Coming

Sharp-eyed reader C-lyn spotted a new Bruised Berry bag (Sackasana?) in the web photo of the Amuse Me Pant. Thanks!

More Aussie Goodness - Seaside Dot/Ray Inspires

A reader reminds me I've forgotten to post this - out in Australia, Black Seaside Dot/Ray Inspire Crops. These are fun.

More Aussie Heads Up - Ray Cool Racerback

Out in Australia - a Ray Cool Racerback. I'm sure it will be heading our way soon.

Astro Wunder Unders, Sun Runner SS, Daily Gym Bag, and More

Coal with Power Purple/Lilac (I think) Astro Wunder Unders

Coal Astro Wunder Unders
The Astro Wunder Under is back in new colors. I think they are Coal with Power Purple/Lilac and Black with New Blue/Heathered Black.

More photos of the White/Silver Metallic In Stride Jacket

More photos of the Dart and Dash short.

These photos are from Australia so these Wunder Unders aren't here yet. They are Fall Quilt 31 with flash stitching. I swear the seaside dot pattern block, if that is seaside dot, looks like it's purple. I guess we'll be seeing another purplish dot pattern.

Made in the Sun visor.

Photos of the Sun Runner SS top. I don't care for this top by itself, too short and boxy, but I like how functional it is. However, these girls make it look really cute by pairing it with a longer top underneath.

From Australia, the Seaside Dot Cool Racerback.

Some people were asking on the boards how to wear the bright Wunder Unders (with most saying wearing a neutral like white, black, or gray). I've got to say I like the monochromatic look shown here (ignoring the flash shirt layered on top) - lilac tank with Power Purple Wunder Unders.

A great photo showing the true color of Power Purple - it usually looks much darker in photos. Shown with a gray rehearsal l.

Daily Gym Bag in Bruised Berry