Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rehearsal LS is Back and More

People are very excited that the Rehearsal Long Sleeve has made a return to the stores. (Not me, it's made of running luon and it's June. Where's my hot weather run/exercise tanks? Where are more Every Yogi tees in prints?) It comes in black, heathered gray, and Quiet Stripe. The fact that it's coming in Quiet Stripe and running luon is not a June fabric makes me thing this was held up in shipping or production. I wonder if the sleeves fit any looser this time round.

Posting this for the outfits on the mannquins - the Tie and Fly Singlet, the new run shirt (still don't have a name). In the foreground is the Diversity Wunder Unders and the My Mantra Short Sleeve.

Showing the new Ray Swiftly tee and Seaside Dot Turbo Shorts.

Run For Your Money Jumper

Did the Porcelaine Beachy Floral Power Y make it to the US? I don't see it on our side of the website but it's on the Canadian side.