Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Blush Quartz Dot Deep Breath Tank and Inspire Crops

Lilac High Noon Dot Hot But Not Tank and Polocrosse Crops

Daily Tank or Cool Racerback in Blush Quartz High Noon Dot and Black Denim Presence Pant

Love this model - she makes everything look good.

Just read that there is a new Define out in Bruised Berry.

NEW! Deep Thoughts Scarf

A reader writes that the new Deep Thoughts Scarf is $78 but can be worn as a tube dress? I'll try and dig up more photos of this. It's made of Tencel Silk Jersey. It comes in Black and Fossil/Lilac.

For Your A Muse Ment...

Photos of the Latest Arrivals

 The Amuse Me Pant on an actual person.

 New Lilac High Noon Dot Naked Seam Speed Shorts. The reviews on line say the naked seams are stiff and cause chafing on long runs.

New Inner Heart bra in the Lilac High Noon Dot.

Photo of the new Run: Sun Sprinter Crop.

Flash Light Power Y and Black Seaside Dot Speed Shorts.

The front of the new jumper.

The new Ray tanks - Swiftly on left and Tie and Fly on the right.

NEW! Dart and Dash Short

Yay! Bike length run shorts!!! These are the new Dart and Dash shorts. I was hoping they would make a return for the summer.  If they come in a twelve I am getting at least one pair, maybe two. I like that lulu added a holster pocket. They look about the same length as last year's Take Flight Bike Shorts. My Take Flights are my favorite run short. The White Seaside dot pattern is interesting. I wonder if we'll be seeing some luxtreme tops in this print, too.
Take Flight Bike Short from last summer

Today's Shopping Trip

I was hoping to see the new Ray tops at the store today but they weren't there yet. I ended up buying (commence eating crow now) the Blush Quartz High Noon Dot Cool Racerback. I really liked it on and thought it would be a fun top for running. I need to figure out what headband to pair with it. I'm thinking plain black for now since I don't want to look like Doris Day. My store also got in this cute Blush Quartz Define jacket with the High Noon Dot collar. I was tempted but I have enough Defines.

 I tried on the Seaside Dot print Diversity tank but did not like the bigger pattern on me. I thought the Diversity tank was comfy but it would be a totally casual/lounge tank for me. I also don't like the fact that the bottom hem is unfinished. I tried on the Flash Light Power Y and liked the color a lot - it will look great with a tan - but I have my flash/dune wee stripe CRB and I don't need another tank in Flash.


mesh side panel

front - the pattern isn't symmetrical - boo

side panel, showing the ruffle
Fashion Island was just putting these new crops out. I really, really liked them. For a change, they go up to a twelve and the side panel makes them super comfy. They come in Flash/dot print, Lilac (I can't remember if those were dotted or not), and solid black. I would seriously think about getting them but I am only going to use crops of this length (mid-calf) in the winter months. I want bike length shorts for summer. South Coast Plaza had these, too.

My store had the new Swiftly headbands in Ray and Lilac but I passed on them. Ray is so bright I think I am going to pass on it. Neither store had the new Ray or Power Purple Wunder Unders. Fashion Island also got in the new Seaside Dot and Blush Quartz/High Noon Dot Deep Breath Tanks in.

NEW! Tie and Fly Singlet, Run Top, Jumper, Some Like It Hot Crop

New Tie and Fly ($52) Silverescent Run Singlet. This will require a try on. Not sure if I like how see through the back is and I don't love the colors. I already have a Lavender Energy SL. I'm afraid the Flash Light will bleed and I'm not sold on getting a Ray top quite yet. The pale colors tend to be see-through in silverescent.

New Run shirt. Not sure whether this is also a Tie and Fly. I don't care for how snug the sleeves look on this woman when the body is kind of baggy. Too often Lulu tops often have sleeve fit issues and when I can see an issue in educator photos that's not a good sign.

New one piece jumper made of swift. It's called the Run For Your Money and is $88.

New luxtreme crops for hot yoga called the Some Like It Hot Crop. They are $78. I like the tone on tone black dot pattern.

New Lilac and Ray Swiftly tees, LS, and tanks have arrived in the stores.

Flash In Stride, Ray Wunder Unders, Bruised Berry Daily Gym Bag

Just arrived in stores - Flash In Stride Jacket, Ray Wunder Unders, and the dot perforated Daily Gym Bag in Bruised Berry. I guess we will be seeing the dot Daily Gym Bags on the website after all.