Thursday, May 24, 2012

NEW! Sackasana Bag and Flash Light (Updated)

New Sackasana bag. The print is funky. Check out the bright lime interior. A commenter says the bright yellow-green is called Ray. That's certain to be a new (old?) color. The bag is a wallet-busting $108.

A sharp-eyed reader reminds us of this photo on the lulu website. It looks like the faded dot print will be coming in a tank. I'm hoping this is a Cool Racerback. I'd buy it.

This is supposed to be a new color called Flash Light. I need to see it compared to Flash. This is the Power Y.

Not sure if these are Flash or Flash Light Inspire Crops.

Lift and Separate, New Polocrosse Color, Tequila Sunrise, and More

Photo from an Australian store showing the new Lift and Separate bra. She has her arms out so you can't tell how much lift and cleavage this bra creates. As soon as I find a good photo demonstrating this I will post. Trust me, this bra is magic. It was sold in sizes before, like 34C, 34 D, etc. I wonder how it will be sold this time.

From the same Australian store, a photo of what I think is a new color in the Polocrosse crop. It looks like a fossil wee space to me.

Lulu put a photo of their bike team on their home page today. They are supposed to be offering the kits (team uniform) for sale, I believe on-line. Hopefully, it's coming soon.

PS - Reader Tracy comments that she got a product notice for a Cool Racerback in Tequila Sunrise. This is an older color, orange-ish maybe?, but I don't have any photos of it yet. I had heard an older color was coming back. I will post when I find a photo.

Tequila Run Response Shorts

Rock It Tank in Tequila Sunrise Space Dye?
Did a little googling for Tequila Sunrise and turned up a couple of photos of older items. The Rock It tank looks a lot like Alarming. Interesting. I guess we'll know shortly what it looks like. Hmmm, I just checked my photo files and the Rock It Tank came out when Alarming was out. I think the photo I found was mislabled. Working on finding a Tequila Sunrise photo for you.

 Ok, a friend posted a photo of an old Tequila Sunrise CRB she had. (Thanks, Krystal!)