Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photos of the Latest - In Stride, No Limit, and More

Great photo of the Dune In Stride jacket.

 The Blush Quartz No Limit Tank.

 Toothpaste Every Yogi. Not sure why this isn't called Menthol or they didn't make a Menthol one.  Where are the Beachy Floral Every Yogi tees and tanks?

 Power Y in Heathered Blush Quartz

The new Heathered Fossil Grooves look like they should be really soft to me. I need to remember to give them a try on.

I picked up the Heathered Porcelaine Bang Buster in the store last week. I missed it when it was on line. Love the Bang Buster headbands.

Reverse Groove shorts, regular length, in the Porcelaine. It reverses to solid.