Monday, May 14, 2012


All righty, I ordered Wee Stripe Dune Flash Cool Racerback. This will be my first major Flash purchase, excluding the Swiftly headband. I like this muted version of flash a lot. I will wait until I can try on the matching Define in the store to see if I like a jacket in this color. The Liberty tee was tempting but I'll wait to try that in the store. I'm still waiting for a more interesting Meditate Pullover color to come out - heathered Deep Navy would be nice. 

What did you all get?

NEW! Blush Quartz Shimmer Speed Shorts

New Speed Shorts in Blush Quartz shimmer. I posted about them earlier but didn't realize they had shimmer in them.

NEW! Zipper Wunder Unders and Iconic Wrap is Back

New Zipper Wunder Unders and the Iconic Wrap is back. I don't get why lulu would put the zippers on the inner part of your leg. I think that would be annoying to walk in. I guess maybe so when you like on your side they don't dig in?

More Namaste and Find Bliss Tank Photos

More Namaste Tank photos.

More Find Bliss Tank photos.

NEW! Menthol Meditate Pullover???

Ooh! A Meditate Pullover in a color! I think this is menthol. Me likey! This might be a fossil Meditate Pullover taken in bad lighting. Boo! Sorry for the false alarm.

Flash/Dune Wee Stripe Cool Racerback Hitting Stores

The Flash/Dune Wee Stripe Power Y is hitting stores this week. Yay! I'm definitely getting this one if it's uploaded tonight.

NEW! Namaste and Find Bliss Tanks

New Namaste halter tank, $58. It's cute but I think the bra portion looks a little low for me and I have trouble with feeling pressure on my neck. I still want to try this on, though. (Thanks to Ms. S for the bottom two photos.)

Find Bliss Tank shown with Blush Speed Shorts

New Find Bliss Tank. The bottom portion is made of Tencel. I'm just not a fan of this wrinkly fabric for tanks.

 Blush Namaste Tank and Black Find Bliss Tank.

The new Meditate Pullover colors in Fossil and Dune.