Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More of the Latest

 Run Wild SS in Porcelaine
All the new Run: Wild SS tee colors - black, menthol, blush, porcelaine.

The new Tame Me and Silver Bullet tank colors

Polocrosse Crops
Menthol Tame Me Tank with Polocrosse crops

Fossil Scoop Neck and Blush Run In the Sun Skirt

Silver Bullet SL Photos

Shown with Run In The Sun Shorts
Blush Silver Bullet with Run in the Sun shorts

Shown with the Run In the Sun Skirt

Shown with Run in the Sun Shorts

Shown with Excel crops

Shown with Speed Shorts
The new Silver Bullet tanks in Black, Blush Quartz, Porcleaine, and Menthol. I tried it on again today and I'd say this is definitely a size down tank. It's nice but I think the neck and armholes are too low on me.

NEW Flash/Dune Define and More

I believe this is a new Define in Flash/Dune wee stripe. This is from an Australian a New Zealand store so not here yet.

Photo of the Porcelaine In Stride Jacket.

The Dune Run Like the Wind had is made of the shimmer fabric. I saw it in the store today.

Scoop Neck tank and Run In the Sun Shorts

New black-edged Speed Shorts

Astro pants in beachy floral

Manifesto LS in Porcelaine

The Latest Scoop Neck Tanks

NEW! Beachy Floral Cool Racerbacks

Thanks to Brooke for this photo

The Beachy Floral Cool Racerbacks are hitting the stores. The Porcelaine one is from an LA-area store. I did not see either of these in my store this morning so that means I'll have to make another trip later in the week.

Run: In the Sun Dress in Action

Hmm, not loving how this is riding up.

Run: in The Sun SS Photos

This top is pretty fug. It might be cool in the back but it's not doing anything for the women who model it, either in these photos or on the website. I did not see it in the store today.

Run : In the Sun LS Photos

Anyone try this on yet? The photos aren't doing much for me but maybe it's better in person.

Run: in the Sun Pullover Photos

Shown with the Run In The Sun Skirt
Shown with the new black-edged Speed Shorts

Shown with Excel crops

I was hoping to see this at my store today so I could at least feel the fabric. I don't particularly love the style but am curious to see it in person.