Thursday, May 3, 2012

Silver Bullet, Beachy Floral Cool Racerback and More

The new Porcelaine Silver Bullet Tech SL.

Astro Pant in the Porcelaine Beachy Floral print.

I don't have a photo yet but there is a new Cool Racerback in the Fossil Beachy Floral print. I am definitely ordering that when it gets uploaded.

More Power Y / Define photos.

New Groove Colors

New Groove (I think) waistband.

 New men's 5 year tee and Core Short. It's rare when I like a print in the men's tee shirts.

 More cute combos. I really love the beachy floral Power Y / Define Combo.

Daily bras

Run Wild SS Tech Shirt, Silver Bullet SL Top, Flash Run Wild Jacket and More

 New Run Wild SS Tech top in heathered Porcelaine.

New Silver Bullet Sleeveless tank in Heathered Porcelaine. I still prefer the Procelaine Tame Me to both of these.

The Flash Run Wild Jacket is starting to arrive in stores.

The latest Scoop Neck tanks in fossil wee stripe and porcelaine beachy floral.

Loving both these No Limit tank outfits. I want to try on the Porcelaine one.

Got my fossil beachy floral bang buster today. So glad I was able to get one. It's lined with white circle mesh. I'm a little bummed this is one of the few lulu prints without the little hidden lulu symbols in it. That is one of the fun things about lulu prints.

Porcelaine Swiftly tank (so tempted to get this) and matching beachy floral Tracker shorts.

Such cute summer run outfits - Menthol CRB with matching Speed shorts and Porcelain Beachy Floral Tracker shorts.

 Beachy Floral print Wunder Under pants.

Porcelaine Beachy Floral Define outfits.

The Porcelaine Vinyasa with the wee stripe Every Yogi Tank.

Porcelaine Define and More

Oh man, I really like this combo - so fun and summery. Heathered Porcelaine/Beachy Floral Define and matching Power Y.

Beachy Floral Power Y with matching Wunder Under Pants.

Rose Quartz Swiftly with Porcelaine Beachy Floral Speed Shorts.

 The Porcealine Beachy Floral Boogie Shorts.

The It's a Cinch Dresses are in US stores now.

More of the Latest

I cannot get over what beautiful skin this woman has. You lucky, lucky girl! These photos are from the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall store. All the eds in the photos are absolutely rocking the swim wear.

Some rare photos of a brawnier body type in the mens line. Not that I love the blue plaid Kahuna shorts (BTW, the Kahunas are a great-looking short - a slim fit and very neat looking. All men should get them) so much but I wanted to illustrate the fit on a larger man.

 Menthol and Fossil look nice together - menthol swiftly and fossil floral tracker shorts.

 I know it's matchy matchy but I really like it - No Limit Tank and Boogie Shorts.

Porcelaine Swiftly and matching Speed Shorts.

FYI - Swimwear Recalled

According to a posting on one of my boards all the flash/blush swimwear except the rashguards and board shorts has been recalled because it becomes see-through when wet. If you've bought them you can return it whether it's been worn or not.

From the posting: It was never available for purchase online in the US. Apparently they even told US stores before the line launched that they weren't going to do the blush/flash combo anymore, but when some stores (mine being one) received their shipment, it was in there, so they put it on the floor to sell, assuming they must have remedied any problems. I bought the monokini and racer top in that color way on Monday, went back yesterday to get the boy short, and they wouldn't sell it to me, then told me about the recall.