Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swimwear When Wet

A couple of rare photos of some of the swimwear when wet. I know I've read comments that speculate the swimwear gets pretty sheer when wet.

A rare photo of the Heathered Deep Navy Flashback Pullover.

Rumor - Sizing Changing to S,M,L?

An anonymous reader commented that she heard lulu is changing sizing away from the numerical system to a more generic S, M, L system. Fit is one of the top reasons I continue to buy lululemon. If they go to a broader S=2/4, M=6/8, L=8/10 system I think they greatly cheapen the brand. I'm pretty sure numerical sizing is a huge part of their appeal to most everyone. I hope this rumor is not true.

Photos of the Latest

Shown with the Every Yogi Tank

Photo of the Pocelaine/Beachy Floral Groove Pants.

New Porcelaine Swiftly headband. I am tempted but I already have this in Menthol, Ultraviolet, Gray, Flash, and Concord. I really want one, though.

 Porcelaine Beachy Floral headband.

 I really like the waistband on these Wunder Unders.

Love the Porcelaine No Limit in these phot0s.

A rare photo of the Fossil No Limit Tank.

The new Beachy Floral Tracker Shorts are cute.

 More photos of the white wee space Run: Shorty Shorts.

 The Porcelaine Beachy Floral Speed Shorts.

Menthol/Heathered Fossil Groove Pants

 I really like these Wunder Unders but quite a few people are saying they're rather sheer.

 I'm reading reports that the Inner Peace jacket has such tight cuffs that people are having trouble getting their ends in the sleeves.

The latest batch of Inspire crops has stitching at the bottom instead of an inset block of color.


The print placement on this pair of Wunder Unders is a bit unfortunate...