Friday, April 27, 2012

Menthol vs. River Rock & Other Comparisons

Here is a great photo showing Menthol (on top) compared to River Rock. (Thanks to Jennifer for the photo.)

 From left to right: Savage Green, Beachy Green, Heathered Menthol, River Rock, Aruba. (Thanks to Anna for the pic)

Toothpaste on left, Menthol on Right. (Thanks to Laura for the photo.)

NEW! Beachy Floral Print Pace Setter Skirt

Spotted in a NorCal showroom - a new Pace Setter skirt in the Fossil Beachy Foral print. I would be this means there will also be a Porcelaine version and this same print in the Speed shorts. (Thanks to Jacque for the photo.)

Photos and Rumors

 Photo of the April Wee Are From Space Power Y and Heathered Menthol Cool Racerback.

Refreshingly cool - Menthol Swiftly and coordinating white/menthol speed shorts.

 A reader forwarded her store product notice (thanks, Elizabeth!) that showed a heathered Ivory Flashback pullover. Has anyone spotted this one in person? It hasn't shown up in the store photos yet.

A birdie passed on the following rumors - there is a maxi dress coming out and the only one piece in the swim line is the monokini I posted earlier. There are no tankinis.