Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pace Setter Photos and More

Some more photos of the Dune Shimmer Pace Setter skirt. Shown with the Heathered Menthol Cool Racerback in the top photo and black Daily Tank in the other photos.

A good close up of the Porcelaine Wee Stripe Daily Tank.

The Porcelaine Wee Stripe Daily tank and white denim Wunder Unders. I really like this combo.

Photos of the Latest

Shown with the Porcelaine Studio Jacket
The April Wee Are From Space print Cool Racerbacks are finally arriving in the stores. I love mine. I hope a Ta Ta Tamer is coming in this print.

 Heathered Menthol Cool Racerbacks and White/Methol Speed Shorts

Porcelaine Boogie short with Heathered Menthol Cool Racerback.

Porcelaine X-Long Cool Racerback

Pocelaine Dance Studio Jacket, Heathered Menthol CRB, and Heathered Fossil Beachy Floral Print Daily Tank.

A Heathered Menthol Power Y is coming.

Spotted in [Australian] Stores - Menthol Tame Me Tank

Reader Tracy sent this in - it's a photo of the Menthol/Menthol Wee Stripe Tame Me Tank from an Australian store. It's going to be tough to choose between this and the Porcelaine version of this tank. Thanks, Tracy!

More of the Latest

The Porcelaine Dance Studio Jacket.

April Wee Are From Space In Stride Jacket, Porcelaine Cool Racerback and Heathered Fossil bottoms.

Porcelaine/Deep Coal Run: A Marathon Crops with a new Wee Are From Space pattern on the waistband. I'll have to see this pattern close up because it looks like it has lines of deep coal in it.

Close up of the Heathered Fossil Beachy Floral Print on the Daily Tank. Looks like it's shown with the white Libery Crops.

Drats, the Heathered Mentol Cool Racerback is so tempting. Shown with Heathered Fossil Cruiser Shorts.

The Heathered Fossil / Blurred Blossom In Stride Jacket.

 Dune Shimmer Pace Setter Skirt and Heathered Fossil Beachy Floral Daily Tank.

 Blush Quartz Tracker Shorts.

New Clarity Crops in denim luon.