Monday, April 23, 2012


My wallet is safe this week. Some cute things were uploaded - the Porcelaine Dance Studio Jacket, Heathered Menthol CRB, Menthol & Porcelaine Swiftlys but they are all items I can live without. What did you order tonight?

Blush Quartz Shimmer Pace Setter Skirt and SE Swiftly

The new Rose Quartz special Edition long sleeve Swiftly and the new Blush Quartz Shimmer Pace Setter Skirt.

Menthol/White Speed Shorts, Dune Shimmer Pace Setter Skirt and More

The new white and menthol Speed Shorts.

The new Pace Setter Skirt in the Dune shimmer fabric.

Cruiser shorts shown with the fossil beachy floral Daily Tank. I like this outfit.

 Flash jacquard Pace Setter Skirt and Stuff Your Bra tank.

Wee Porcelaine Stripe Daily Tank and Hold Me Close crops in fossil.

More of the Latest

The Fossil/Flash Stuff Your Bra Tank.

Flash No Limit tank and Hold Me Close Crops in Heathered Fossil.

I believe this is the Heathered Deep Navy Flashback Pullover. Shown with the white Liberty crop. I like this whole outfit on this girl.

Product Alert Email Goodies

 White/Menthol Speed Shorts - very cute!

 X-Long Cool Racerback in Porcelaine - so tempting! The regular CRB is coming in Heathered Menthol, also.

 April Wee Are From Space Power Y

Menthol Swiftly SS tee - another tempting color.

 Menthol Run A Marathon Crop. Also coming in Porcelaine/Deep Coal.

Also, in the same product alert but no photo given: Flashback Pullover in Heathered Deep Navy. Why couldn't the Meditate come in this color? I might shell out $88 for that!

The Latest - Sparkly Pace Setter, Hold Me Close Crops, Liberty Crops, and More

A photo of the new Sparkly Dune Pace Setter Skirt shown with the Concord Run: Wild Half Zip Pullover. I'm dying to see a close up of the new sparkly skirts.

This girl is rocking the Flashback Pullover. Love it on her.

The Heathered Fossil/White Daily Tank and White Liberty Crops.

Absolutely ROCKIN' the white denim Wunder Unders!

More White Denim Wunder Unders shown with the Flash No Limit Tank and Flashback Pullover.

Unless there is a fit issue, I think the new french terry Cruiser Shorts are going to be a hit, $64 price tag notwithstanding.

More Liberty Crop photos.

More photos of the Hold Me Close crops in action. Shown with the Flash No Limit Tank.

Cute combo - Stuff Your Bra tank and Flash Speed Shorts.

New Daily Tank Prints, White Denim Wunder Unders, Flash NLT

New Daily tanks in Heathered Fossil/White Beachy Floral Print and Wee Stripe White/Porcelaine. The Beachy Floral print reminds me a lot of an Athleta-type print. I don't know if I would get it in a technical tank but if an Every Yogi tee or tank comes in the fossil version I think I would get it.

New Wunder Under crops in White Denim.

Switch Back Half Zip in Ultraviolet/Heathered Ultraviolet. 

Porcelain Wee Stripe Daily Tank and Heathered Fossil Liberty Crops.

Flash No Limit and Liberty Crops

Flash No Limit and Stuff Your Bra tank

Photos of the Flash No Limit Tank and new Stuff Your Bra tank color.

New Hold Me Close Crops and Flashback Pullover Photos

New Hold Me Close crops with silcone gripper patches down the leg. They are $88 and come in black, heathered fossil and heathered dark coal.

Flashback Pullover with Hold Me Close crops

Shown with white denim Wunder Unders

Lots of photos of the Flashback pullover. The girl in the first two photos looks great in this, on everyone else - meh.