Friday, April 20, 2012

Review of Zobha Boyshort Panties and 360 Shorts

Lulu underwear in black on top, Zobha in nude

Not that I love posting photos of my underwear on the internet but I wanted to show a comparison of lulu's laser cut underwear (not the latest version - but the ones before them) to the Zobha Boyshort Panties I ordered the other day. The Zobhas have a fuller cut in the back and a wider crotch so they stayed in place on me perfectly and the laser cut edges did not chafe me at all. I wore them under compression shorts to run three miles on the treadmill today. I know someone commented on here that their Zobha underwear hasn't lasted very well so I'll keep you updated if they start falling apart prematurely. For now, they're a winner as far as fit and function are concerned.

Some photos of the Zobha 360 short compared to a pair of lululemon Biker Groove Shorts, both are size 12. As you can see, the Zobhas are a little longer than the Biker Grooves. The legs are also slightly wider. I didn't really notice that when I tried them on and I thought overall they fit similarly to Biker Grooves. I included a photo of the interior label - the fabric content is 87% supplex, 13% lycra. I thought the material felt rougher and thicker than luon. I had my husband feel the fabric, too, and he concurred. I was hoping these would be more like compression shorts and an inch or so shorter than the Biker Grooves so they are going back. Since they are $20 more than Tall Reverse Groove shorts I don't know why you'd order these over the lulu version. I know I stated in a previous post Zohba has free returns but that's no longer the case. They now charge $5 for returns. I should have checked the return info before I ordered but live and learn.

Photos of the Latest

Photos of the new Flash No Limit Tank, hitting US showrooms now.

 The Concord Grape Power Dance Tank. I like this one a lot.

The Heathered Rose Quartz CRB next to the new April Wee Are From Space Stride Jacket in case you wanted to know how these look together.

The Meditation Pullovers have hit Southern California. I am very curious to try these on, hopefully this weekend.