Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Australlian Head Ups - New Daily/Tame Me/ No Limit Tank Photos

The new Porcelaine Tam Tame Me. This is very tempting. I need to see the Mentol version, too.

The Wee Stripe Porcelaine/Beacy Floral Daily Tank. This is cute!

The solid Flash No Limit Tank.

Fossil/Wee Stripe Fossil/Fossil Beachy Foral No Limit Tank.

The new Blush Quartz Define jacket is a wee stripe version. It's out in Australia.

New Print - Beachy Floral Print Plus More Tame Me Tank & No Limit Colors

A new print, the Beachy Floral print was released in Australia. The new colors coming in the Daily tank are: Wee Stripe Dune/Flash, Beachy Floral White Fossil,and Wee Stripe White Porcelaine. I think I would like this print in an Every Yogi tank or tee. It looks like the Wee Stripe Porcelaine Daily tank is edged in a porcelaine version of the Beachy Floral print. I'm sure these prints and colors will show up in other tank styles.

There are new colors coming in the No Limit Tank - Flash and Wee Stripe White Porcelaine/ Beachy Floral White.

New colors are coming in the Tame Me Tank: Heathered Porcelaine/ Porcelaine; Heathered Menthol/ Wee Stripe White Menthol. Hmm, this will be a hard choice.

Blush Quartz Define

Spotted on the website in the photo of the Dune Bliss Bag - a new Define in Blush Quartz. (Thanks to Jen for the sharp eye)

More of the Latest

Not sure if this a black wee stripe or the fossil
More photos of the new Every Yogi Tee and Tank in Porcelaine and Fossil.

Blurred Blossom It's a Cinch Dress

 Flash Adjust Me Bra. Honestly, I've had enough of Flash, time to move on.

April Wee Space Power Dance Tank.