Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photos of the Latest & Quickie Store Trip Report

Photos of the Menthol Cool Racerback. It's still only in Australia right now.

A rare photo of a Porcelaine blue Swiftly LS. It also comes in a short sleeve. I can't wait for more tops in this color.

This is from an Australian store - Spirit Tight with Rose Quartz.

New Gather and Crow crops in the April Wee Are From Space print. Shown with a Flash Power Y.

New Blurred Blossom print in the Tall Reverse Groove Shorts. Lulu finally provided the correct photo for this product, showing the true length. I consider these my short crops instead of long shorts. They hit me about the same spot on my leg and I am 5'5".

The Concord Grape SE Swiftly and matching Run In the Sun crops.

More Free Fall Crop photos.

I didn't really like the Post Bliss Tee that much until I saw this photo. I really like it layered over a print. Shown with the Daily Tank and Post Power Crop.

I really like the Post Power crop in the top photo. It's shown with the Meditate Pullover.

I like this combo - Play in the Sun shorts with a fossil wee space Power Y.

The three colors in the jacquard mesh cool racerbacks.

Quickie Store Trip Report: We spent all day at Magic Mountain yesterday but stopped in Pasadena for dinner. I was able to visit the lulu store and they have a nice markdown rack. They had Apres Practice Anoraks marked down to $99 which made them much more attractive but I restrained myself. They also had a couple short sleeve and long sleeve swiftlys in Dazzling and Lavender Dusk for $39 for the short sleeve and $44 for the long sleeve. I would have picked up a long sleeve in a heartbeat but they only had a couple in size 8. I ended up getting a Dazzling SS swiftly, though. I've been eyeing that color but figured I didn't really need a sixth one but the decent sale clinched it for me.

I bought a pair of Ultimate Padded Run socks last week and wore them today to run in. Since the weather was awful I ran at the gym and I can't say I really liked these socks much. My feet got super sweaty and then seemed to slip around a lot in the socks. They were almost too padded. I usually wear lulu Featherlight socks or one of their slightly padded run socks (maybe the ultimate run sock?) and have no problems at all. Granted I get super, super sweaty running on a treadmill at the gym but I ran in the gym on Wednesday and had no sock issues. I'm only up to running 5K and people have told me I'll appreciate a padded sock once I hit longer distances. I'll have to do some running sock research.