Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photos of the Latest & Outfit Ideas

The new Special Edition Swiftly tee is also coming in Rose Quartz. It looks pretty with Concord Crops.
Tame Me Tank

Flash SE Swiftly tank

Flash SE Swiftly SS tee

Flash Tame Me tank
 Flash tops with the April March Wee Are From Space Excel crops. A head-turning combo for sure.

 Concord Grape Power Class tee, Centered Energy bra, and Flash Boogie Shorts.

Flash/Wee Are From Space Stuff Your Bra and Matching Run A Marathon shorts
I'm not a big fan of either of these items but this woman makes me want to buy the whole outfit - Black Post Bliss Tee and Dune Drishti pants.

Concord Jacquard Mesh It's A Cinch Dress and Special Edition Wunder Unders, along with the Tencel Headwrap.

Another cute combo with the Special Edition Wunder Unders, this time with the Power Class tee in black.

Meditate Pullover and Post Power Crop.

Power Class Tee and Drishti Pant

Love this color combo - Rose Quartz Tame Me Tank with the Concord Grape Run in The Sun crops.

Power Class Tee, Centered Energy Bra, Free Fall Crop

Chaturanga tank photos. I like the solid versions the best. I tried the black one on tonight - loved.

Power Class Tee and Dhanurasana crops.

Store Trip Report

view of the interior of the built in bra in the Chaturanga

I tried on the Chaturanga tank tonight and was very tempted to get it. The only things that held me back were that I haven't been doing much besides running lately so I wouldn't get too much wear out of it and the fact that I splurged on the Power Class tee Monday night. I thought the support on the Chaturanga was fantastic. I jogged a little in the store and it almost felt like I could run in it but I don't want to punish my girls like that. All four of the straps are reinforced with a strip of elastic inside them (similar to the Push UR Limit tank) so they aren't super stretchy like a luxtreme-only strap would be. The bra portion fit on the snug side but I liked how supportive it felt. Hmm, I just read that the bra is kind of like a deep V on the inside (see the second photo). No wonder it felt so supportive. The jacquard mesh back felt cool and I always am a sucker for luxtreme tanks anyway. The tummy portion was not too tight. All in all, a great tank and one you should consider if you'd like more support.

I also tried on the Power Class tee. I wanted to make sure I ordered the right size and color. I sized down on it and it was the right call. I ordered the Fossil but I also tried on the Concord Grape. I definitely prefer the Fossil for me. I also tried on a size eight, two sizes down, since the top part is so big, but it fit much too tight at the bottom and made the top drape oddly. I need to play with it once it gets here - I want to see how my Energy and Free to Be bras look underneath but based on how it looked in the store it's a keeper. I think it will make a great coverup for after the gym or a good top to wear on hot summer days.

I also tried on the Dune Studio pant. These are lined. I really liked the color but I think I would prefer them in a crop for my climate.

Finally, I wore my Flash Swiftly headband to run in at the gym today (finally hit the elusive 5K distance!) and it bled all over my face. I did not wash it ahead of time but I was kind of surprised it bled since my Paris Swiftly tank (which I also wore today with no problems) hasn't bled. I thought the Swiftly fabric wasn't an issue in the bright colors but it looks like Flash might be. Just wanted to warn you.

Spotted in Stores - Heathered Menthol Cool Racerback

Spotted in a store in Australia - a heathered Menthol Cool Racerback. I hope some other technical tanks will be coming out in solid Menthol. (Thanks to Megan for this photo.)

Porcelaine Blue Ta Ta Tamer

Also, the rumor is that Porcelaine blue is the new blue for spring and there will more tanks and items coming in that color. I can't wait. I love the sky blues.