Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Latest

Does anyone else think the new Tencel Hairwrap looks like some sort of Civil War-era field dressing for a head wound?

A rare photo of the front of the Centered Energy bra. Not enough coverage for me.

Photos of the Tencel Post Power Crop.

Photos of the Free Fall crop in Heathered Concord Grape.

Love this combo - Flash SE Swiftly tank and new Wee Are From Space Excel crops.

Photos: Power Class Tee

I love this series of photos of the Power Class tee with the Centered Energy bra. I wouldn't be surprised to see this top show up on an episode of SMASH. Shown with the Poise pant and Strength and Tone shorts.

Shows the where you can attach the tee to your bra strap

Shown with the Poise Pant and Free to Be bra

Shown with the Drishti pant and Chaturanga tank

Shown with the Energy Bra underneath

Photos: Jacquard Mesh Cool Racerback and It's a Cinch Dress

The photo of the It's a Cinch Dress is very appealing. I need to try it on when it hits my local stores.

Photos: Chaturanga Tank

Probably the best photo I've seen yet of the new Chaturanga tank. I think the two-toned Concord version visually thickens the waist but the solid ones are pretty cute.

Also shown is the Centered Energy bra

Shown with Excel crops

Photos: Dhanurasana Crops

Shown with the Chaturanga tank

Shown with the Run Wild Half Zip pullover

Photos of the newest Dhanurasana crops. Lots of interest in the Flash ones since the Flash Wunder Unders have been found to be a bit see-through.

Photos: Drishti Pant

Shown with the Flash SE Swiftly LS
Shown with the White Jacquard Mesh Cool Racerback

Shown with the Every Yogi tank in Blurred Blossom
The Drishti pant are the type of thing that look fantastic on a few and meh on everyone else. I think Tencel wrinkles really easily so these are a pass for me.