Thursday, April 5, 2012

NEW! Special Edition Swiftly LS and SS

Aren't these pretty? New special edition (same price as regular for a change, too) Swiftly long sleeve and short sleeve tops. Both versions come in Concord Grape and Flash. Love these! (Thanks to Anna for the top photos)

Photos of the Latest

A good photo showing the new City Practice pants. Can't say they're that exciting in this photo.

Concord Grape Define Jacket.

The Every Yogi in the Blurred Blossom print. People who've seen it in person say the print is darker than in the technical fabrics.

 Flash Power Y. These were out around Christmas time, too.

 Flash Pure Balance tank.

 Flash Run Like the Wind Hat.

 The new Flash Speed Shorts. Really liking these.

 Groove crops in the Heathered Concord/ Heathered Rose Quartz waistband.

The Stuff Your Bra tank. It has good reviews on the website.

 The hot accessory these days - the Flash Vinyasa Scarf.

Love this combo - the Coal/Fossil/Dune Wee Space Power Y and white slub denim Groove pant.

The same cute outfit on different women - Rose Quartz Stuff Your Bra tank and Concord Grape Run: A Marathon skirt.

NEW! Meditation Pullover

New French Terry Pullover called the Meditation Pullover. I think it only comes in black and white and is $88. I've read fit reviews that say it runs on the larger side. I am curious to try this on but I wish it came in some different colors. (Shown with the City Practice pant)