Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photos: White Slub Denim Groove Pants

Photos of the new White Coal Fossil Dune Slub Denim Groove Pants. Lulu hasn't had white denim grooves in a few years. They are sharp-looking.

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to the store today to check out the latest arrivals and to make sure I ordered the right size in the Heathered Concord CRB. Sometimes I can size down and sometimes not. It doesn't matter in this case because I didn't like the feel of the Concord Cool Racerback. It was very slick and polyestery feeling and a bit scratchy. I was hoping it would be like my Heathered Tree Frog and Heathered Smokey Rose CRBs which are super soft. I didn't care for the color on me either so it will be going back.

I ended up returning my Run: Wild Tech SS Tee. I liked the top a lot but after running in 70 degree sunny weather today in a short sleeve Revitalize tech top I realized I'd rather buy singlets for the upcoming months. It looks like lulu is coming out with summer run stuff now so I am psyched to see what they have coming. I am really hoping the Run: Tame Me Tank I ordered last night will work for me and won't be too tight on the bust like the Run: Chase Me Tanks were. It is supposed to arrive on Thursday. Anyway, I ended up getting the new Run: In the Sun Visor in black. I really like it. It's super light and much cuter than the last batch of visors (Reflection Visor) that came out. I cannot wait to use it on my next run.

I also bought the little 8 oz handheld bottle. I've been eying it the last four trips I've made to lulu. It fits my hand perfectly so I'm excited to give it a try.

I was hoping to see some of the other new items that were uploaded last night, like the Tame Me tank, but my stores hadn't received it yet. It sounds like they'll be getting a lot of shipments this week. My kids are off on spring break for the next couple of weeks so I have more opportunities to visit the store.

NEW April Wee Are From Space Multi Cool Racerback, Flash Jacquard Speed Shorts and More

New Cool Racerback in the April Wee Are From Space Multi pattern. Not sure if I would like this for me. I'll have to see it in person and give it a try. Shown with Concord Grape Tracker Shorts. 

The Heathered Rose Quartz Bang Buster Headband. There is also a new BB in the Blurred Blossom print.

There are three new colors out in the Swiftly headbands - Concord, Flash, and Menthol. I already ordered the Flash but I might "need" the other two. Menthol looks interesting. I'm sure we'll see Swiftly tops in this color, too.

Photo of the new Run In the Sun Visor. Shown with the Concord Grape No Limit Tank.

Flash Distance hat and Run: Wild Half Zip

Run: Wild Jacket, Run: A Marathon Crops, Run: Wild Half Zip, Run: A Marathon Shorts, Flash hat
Photos showing the new Flash Distance Hat - nothing like a matching cap to complete your outfit.

New Speed Shorts in the Flash Jacquard print.

Photos of the Latest & Outfit Ideas

Photos of the latest Pure Balance tanks in Concord and Flash.

Some cute outfit ideas:

Flash V-neck Swiftly with the white/fossil wee are from space print Inspire crops.

 Love this pairing - white slub denim Recognition pants with Wee Are From Space Coal Fossil Dune Power Y.

 I like combo, too - Heathered Concord Grape Cool Racerback and Fossil Yoga Camp Crops.
 Heathered Concord Grape In Stride Jacket with the white slub denim Reconition pants.

 White/Flash Run: Wild Half Zip with White Fossil Wee Are From Space Inspire Crops.

Fossil Run Wild Tech SS top with Fossil Jacquard Tracker Shorts.

Rose Quartz  Run: Wild Tech SS tee with Concord Run: A Marathon Shorts.

 Flash V-Neck Swiftly with the Fossil Jacquard Tracker shorts.

 Flash V-Neck Swiftly with the Black and Flash Run a Marathon Skirt - very eye-catching!

Run Wild Half Zip Pullover with matching Flash Run A Marthon Shorts.

New Mens Run Response Shorts in Kayak Blue

NEW! City Practice Pant, Blurred Blossom Bang Buster, Flash Vinyasa, and More

Lots of new items in these photos - City Practice Pants. They are made of luon and remind me of Will Pants. There are new Bang Buster headbands in Heathered Rose Quartz and Blurred Blossom in the stores. The Flash Vinyasa is out in Canadian and US stores, not sure about the US. I think both photos are modeling the Blurred Blossom Every yogi tank. She is wearing the new Concord Define in the second photo.

Upload - Lots of New Things

I actually ordered something today. That is a big change from lately. I ordered the Run:Tame Me Tank. It reminds me of my Run: For Your Life Tank that I wore to the gym today. I was just thinking that I'd like to wear the RFYL to run in but I hate to double up on bras. The Tame Me is meant to be worn over your own bra. I was tempted to get the Flash version but I am a little leery of Flash luxtreme. I don't want to deal with bleeding issues.

I also ordered the Concord Grape Cool Racerback. Someone commented that the CRB was going to be solid Concord but it definitely looks heathered in the photo even if the text didn't call it that.

I also ordered the Flash Swiftly headband.

There were a few other things I might have ordered - the black visor and the flash hat but I have a ton of hats already and don't need more. I like the visor but I can live without it for now. I might change my mind when I see it in the store.

I thought about ordering the Run: A Marathon Singlet but I didn't love the similar Weightless Singlet from last year. I'll wait to try it in the store.

The Pure Balance tank is back. That tank was a major fail for me last year. It's way too open in the front and not supportive enough so it becomes obscene under the weight of my breasts.

The hair ties photos confirms that the new green is Menthol. It looks pretty close to Beachy Green to me, on first glance.

I am excited to get my new Tame Me Tank. What did you all order?