Saturday, March 31, 2012

NEW! Blurred Blossom Cool Racerback and Concord Grape Apres Practice Anorak and More

New Cool Racerback in the Blurred Blossom print. Yay! A lot of people are finding the Daily Tank doesn't fit them well.

New Apres Practice Anorak. Ok, I didn't love the style of this jacket much initially but I think it works much better in an offbeat color. I'll have to give this another look.

Photo of the new Run: Wild Half Zip shown with the Flash CRB underneath to play off the zipper accents. This top looks great paird with the white Yoga Camp crops.

Cute combo - Fossil/Blurred blossom No Limit tank and white Yoga Camp crops.

Fossil Blurred Blossom Run: Wild Tech SS top. It's pulling across her back but I think she has very wide shoulders.
 More photos of the Blurred Blossom No Limit tank and Power Y.

 Blurred Blossom Daily Tank.

Flash Extra Long Cool Racerback

A nice featured in the mens line that should be brought over to ours - a loop in the pockets for your keys. My husband has some tech shirts that have a loop in the little pocket too. He attaches the little gym key to this sometimes.

Circuit Tech

Race Tech - periwinkle manifesto swirl

Race Tech - Aruba Sunset Floral

Track Tech - Fatbird Dot Print

Race Tech - Fatbird Dot Print
Once upon a time lulu put prints on their silverescent knit tech tops. I wish they'd do that again. All these photos are from 2009, the year I (and quite a few others) consider the zenith of lulu design.

Breathe Tech
I wish lulu would come out with a long sleeve silverescent top like this again. It would be perfect for when the weather was a tad too warm for a Swiftly LS.