Friday, March 30, 2012

Tonight's Shopping Trip

New Run: A Marathon crops with seven pockets and sticky stuff to help keep your shirt down. I didn't  try it on since they only had it to a ten. The purple one has a waistband of Concord paired with heathered Rose Quartz.

As I speculated correctly, the back of the new Run: Wild Half Zip is made of jacquard mesh. I thought the white felt fairly cool compared to the feel of the black one. My only criticism of this top is that your bra is rather noticeable through the back. This is a nice pullover but I don't have need of it in my climate.

There are actually three new No Limit tanks out - the Fossil/Blurred Blossom, the Concord Grape, and this white one (WHT/WSWF). I tried on the Concord Grape No Limit and was sooo tempted to get it. I loved the color. However, I rarely wear my No Limit tanks as it is and I can't get a third one to sit in my closet. I hope some cute tanks come out in Concord because I love this color.

My store did not receive the Daily Tanks yet. There is a new visor out called the Run In the Sun visor. My store only had it in white but I'm hoping a black version is coming. It's $26.

Run Wild SS Tech - Love!

Rose Quartz Run Wild SS Tech

Close up of the Rose Quarts - visible lines of silver
The reflective pattern on the Fossil Run Wild lit up
I tried on the Run Wild SS Tech tonight and even though I hadn't planned on getting a short sleeve tech shirt I liked it so much I bought it. I've rejected a lot of lulu's recent silverescent tech short sleeve offerings in the past couple of year either due to fit - too boxy, sleeves too tight, or neckline too wide or too low -  or over-embellishment - too many ruffles, gathers, shoulder poufs or racing stripes. However, I think they did a great job with this top. The fit is a roomy true to size (perfect for running) that skims your curves. The top is as long as a Swiftly SS but it doesn't have a drawcord at the bottom. The sleeves are plain, no poufs or gathering at the opening, and not too tight (a common lulu problem). The neckline is open but not so wide that your bra strap shows, which happens to me a lot in quite a few of lulu's tech ss shirts. There is a little ruffle around the collar and the black and Fossil versions have a reflective pattern on the front. The Rose Quartz does not have the reflective pattern on the front but I really liked the color so I went with that one. The back has a ruffle with a strip of reflective material. There is an ipod pocket with a cord tunnel.  The material in the Rose Quartz shirt is super breathable. It honestly felt like I wasn't wearing a shirt. That is a big reason I thought I could forgo waiting for a singlet. When a shirt feels that light it's super breathable. I thought the Rose Quartz one was a bit more breathable than the Fossil one but both are super lightweight.  As for the color, Rose Quartz is a bit of a misnomer. The color is more lilac than rose. I took some comparison photos:

Rose Quartz is along the bottom. From left to right - Pink Mist (Power Dance), Lavender Energy SL, and Concord Grape Revitalize SS Tech shirt. The Rose Quartz looks really good with Concord. (There are new crops (Run: A Marathon) that have these two colors paired.) All in all, I can't wait to tear the tags off.

Spotted in Stores - New Run: Wild Half Zip

A new Run: Wild Half Zip has hit Southern California stores. I tend to think the white panels are made of the new jacquard mesh material and not circle mesh. Jacquard mesh Cool Racerbacks showed up in Australia in black and white so that's what makes me think this. The black Run: Wild Half Zip had the jacquard mesh while the Dazzling version was circle mesh. The puckers over the bust look odd in the photo but they are great for women with larger busts.

Spotted in Stores - Concord Grape No Limit Tank

Spotted in Southern California - a solid Concord Grape No Limit tank. Me likey! (Thanks to Sarah for the photo)

The Latest (and Mini Store Report)

Love the pairings of the gray and the blurred blossom print. No Limit Tank in Fossil/Blurred Blossom on the left and the Wee Are From Space Fossil Define with the Blurred Blossom Scoop Neck tank.

I tried on the Blurred Blossom Power Y today at the Newport store. I liked it but since I've been running I haven't been wearing my Power Ys a lot. I definitely want to give the Every Yogi tank in this print a try since I love the material they're made from. I am hoping some other tanks/tops come out in the print that might be a little better for running. I was hoping to try the Daily Tank on today but my store didn't get it yet. I saw the new Bliss gym bag and liked it a lot. I ended up getting an Inkblot Every Yogi tank from the markdown rack, which was pretty healthy.

Oh yes, Blurred Blossom Wunder Under crops showed up today at the Lulu outlet in Canada (they were $49). Not sure why they went straight to the outlet (maybe too sheer?) but if you want to get a pair, try the angel service at Your Personal Shopper Group on Facebook (email contact info listed under Additional Resources on the right margin of this blog).

I'm trying collect as many visible-bra-under-Daily-Tank examples as I can for you. The open back really lends itself to this so might as well play it up. This is a Flow Y underneath the Daily tank. (Shown with Concord Grape Studio Pants.)

Pretty new waistband on Groove crops. I love the pinks and purples on this one. I hope a Ta Ta Tamer comes out in the white wee are from space April multi print. That would be a fun one to put underneath tanks.

Finally a good photo of the Run: Wild SS Tech top. I like the pattern of the reflectivity. This shirt was not at my store today. I have eight short sleeve tech tops between Swiftlys and Revitalize but wouldn't mind some more singlets. I hope there is a Run Wild Singlet coming, hopefully in Concord or another vibrant color. Silverescent is one of my favorite light weight, breathable materials.

Outfit Idea - head to toe Blurred Blossom in a Daily Tank and Pace Setter skirt.

Bliss Bag - Yoga Mat Cover

Another photo showing the Yoga Mat cover that is inside the Bliss Bag. It's kind of like the rain hood on golf bags. Cool idea.