Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Upload - Some Interesting Items

One of the most talked about items on tonight's upload was the new Stuff Your Bra bra and SYB tank. Both have seven pockets to carry your stuff and the caption says: "We made this bra so we could have a place to easily access all our marathon paraphernalia on long runs. Seven pockets were specifically articulated to store your gels, keys and other items that are useful during training (and less embarrassing than tissue, rest assured)."

I'd like to hear from distance runners as to the viability of this idea. I can see using the pockets to carry some money or a tissue. I recently bought an armband for my phone so I can use the Map My Run app while I run but I would never shove my phone in my bra. I think it'd get too wet, for one thing. It'd look awful for another. As for my keys, I carry my remote with my car key so it's kind of bulky. I also prefer that to be locked up in a zipper pocket which is one reason I have been running in my luxtreme crops lately - they all have a zipper pocket. Lulu run hats also have a zipper pocket in them which is perfect for my keys. I will say I have a couple of older Deep V and Swift bras that had pockets for the skinny ipod nano in them that I loved:

You can see the pocket on the upper left - it has a little ipod picture on it
The pocket was in the upper part of the strap and not on your boob at all. I thought this pocket was a great idea and it worked well for my nano. Granted, it did get a bit wet in there when I used it but not too bad. I like the deep vertical pocket and the more out of the way position compared to those in the Stuff Your Bra. My latest nano has a clip so I don't need the pocket anymore.

Anyway, back to the Stuff Your Bra tank design. The bottom is made of the Jacquard Mesh which can be found on the black Run Wild Half Zip. I didn't think the material was as cool as circle mesh. I'm not sure about it compared to silverescent but I do want to try it on at the store. I really want run singlets that you can wear your own bra underneath.

Cute new Bliss Bag. Unfortunately, the US only got the black one not the Rose Quartz.

The new Daily Tank was uploaded. I probably would have ordered one if it had come in luxtreme since that is a favorite fabric of mine. However, I'll need to try this on in the store. I have a feeling these straps might not stay in place on me.

The Extra Long Cool Racerback was uploaded to Canada only. I know a lot of people are hoping it makes it to the US. It's on the US side now. I was hoping this would happen.

I liked the Blurred Blossom print in this photo but probably because it has a lot of purple in it. If I get a tank in this print, it'll be cherry-picked to have a lot of purple and green.

The mysterious pink Wee Are From space print has a name - Wee Are From Space White April Multi. I like it but it has potential to be a bit Ivivvish. I'll need to see how it's used in tanks.

So, what did you get? I am waiting for things to hit my local store to try it on before I buy so nothing for me tonight.