Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Latest and What's Coming - Daily Tank, White SS Swiftly, and More

Only in Australia currently, but photos of the new Daily Tank in Flash. I think she has the Adjust Me bra underneath. It looks like it dips really low. I wonder if a Ta Ta Tamer works with it.

Have we seen a short sleeve White Swiftly yet? I don't think so. This is also from Australia.

Also in Australia, a two tone mens Metal Tech Vent shirt in Heathered Earl Grey and Heathered Deep Shore. I love this. Maybe it'll get to North America in time for Father's Day.

Some good photos of the latest two new Scoop Neck tank colors - Heathered Ultraviolet and Wee Are From Space Fossil/Coal.

NEW! Blurred Blossom Scoop Neck Tank

I still can't make up my mind whether I like this print or not from the photos I am seeing. I am thinking it's either old-ladyish or too young/Ivivva-ish. May I'll really like it in person but right now I am totally on the fence about it. I am not feeling the lust to own it.  What do you all think?

Conference Call Excerpts

Other than lulu made a ton of money this quarter some of the bigger news is that they are opening a showroom in London, a second in Hong Kong (hopefully by the end of May) and are looking at expanding more in Europe - Day specifically mentioned Germany.

Other interesting excerpts:

"So the swim line (broken in this blog two months ago) that we've got coming up later on this quarter is absolutely incredible. It's not only swim but it's also surf components that we added to the line. We're looking at road biking in addition to commuting, which you just saw, spin, bar methods and some cold weather gear that you'll be seeing for Q4 of this coming year. So there's a lot going on. There is no shortage of ideas here at lululemon." [Can you start getting the spring/run stuff out the door already? I've been waiting for run singlets. Thx.]

Q: First, just following up on the Men's business, Christine, I was hoping you could expand a little bit more on who the customer is relative to the Women's customer

[My facetious answer - I'd say a fairly high percentage of the male customers are the women customer's husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, or sons.]

A [Day]: Who's the customer for Men's? We see that customer broadening tremendously. I think we used to hit a slightly younger male, which I would say when I say that it's up to 35-year-old and that's the target who we see driving the brand. But we see that broadening very much across a much larger base to both younger and slightly older men. So it's the same fitness enthusiasts that we see, lululemon people who work on a regular basis, who appreciate the same high functionality when they work out and crossing over into street appeal. And they really appreciate the anti-stink properties of the nylon and the Silverescent that we have versus polyester, which tends to attract and hold smell. So both in functionality and look of the garment is who we're appealing to. And we're really seeing people not be as sensitive to it being a women's brand. They're seeing it as a premium male's choice. So we see 1 guy wear it to the gym, another guy says, "I think I'll get some of that." They get it, they love it and the cycle begins. So we see more men shopping for themselves in our store everyday and coming back repeatedly. And they get a favor to something and we see them buy in bulk, which is a little different behavior than you see from our female customers. So we definitely see that we've got huge adoption rates from the product once they try it. And we see the consumer band growing and expanding

"...we're opening a new IT center to support that in San Francisco because that allows us to gain the talent. What we've noticed already, because the office lease is signed, we're in the hiring process, we have 10 high-qualified applicants rather than 2 that took -- and taking us 6 months to close some of those IT positions. So that's why you're seeing us gain some traction in the spend that we're doing because finally being able to hire the right people to drive our e-Commerce business." [Very interesting. The website has been a clusterf-ck for so long I had always thought they had trouble attracting people to Vancouver. The population of the US is ten times that of Canada. It makes sense to mine the US for help.

New Markdowns!

New markdowns uploaded to the website!

Oops, I'm a bit slow. These were uploaded late last night. ;-)

Photos of the Latest

 Finally a photo of the new Fossil Wee Are From Space Scoop Neck has popped up. Shown with Flash Wunder Unders (I apologize for not posting yesterday. There weren't any particularly compelling photos of the latest arrivals. Today is starting out much better. )

Heathered Ultraviolet Power Y shown with coording Ultraviolet and Dazzling Astro Pants.

Heathered Ultraviolet Scoop Neck tank shown with matching Wunder Under Crops. I wonder when that new Wee Are From Space Pattern will show up. I'm guessing either next week or beginning of April.

A wild outfit - Flash Free to Be bra and Wunder Unders paired with the Fossil Wee Are From Space Define Jacket and a Vinyasa scarf.

Interesting combo - a Currant (I think) Free to Be bra and Ultraviolet Chase Me Tank.

More Pace Setter Skirt and Swich Back Half Zip pullover combos. I like all of these.

I would mine the Dazzling Run In the Rain Jacket but the price tag is pretty hefty. Maybe I'll score a great markdown deal on one some day.

The Deep Indigo No Rain No Gain jacket looks cute on this girl.

I bet my husband would like the new Cadence shorts. They look like the shorts version of Work to Play pants.