Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Rain No Gain Jacket Photos

All three flavors of the No Rain No Gain Jacket. I totally missed this was a re-release last night. In my defense I was tired and wanted to get to watching my Tivo'd Smash episode (so much lulu on that show!). I remember being underwhelmed when it first came out and my impression remains the same this time. Though it comes in much better colors this time around. The price took a $50 jump though maybe last year's wasn't waterproof. I still think $198 is insane for this jacket.

Pace Setter Skirt Outfits

I kind of love this combo - Half Zip Switch Back in Indigo Bold Stripe, Inkblot tank underneath and Deep Indigo Pacesetter Skirt.

Here is the same idea but for warmer weather - Chase Me Tank in Indigo stripe and the same Deep Indigo Pace Setter.

The Aquamarine/Discover Stripe Push UR Limits with the Deep Indigo Pace Setter.

Love this combo - Ultraviolet Chase Me Tank with the Wee Are From Space Multi Pace Setter.

Same outfit with a Heathered Ultraviolet In Stride Jacket added.

Ultraviolet Pacesetter with matching Swiftly LS top. Love.

NEW! Daily Tank

From an Australian product alert email, a new tank called the Daily tank made of light luon. It comes in black and Flash so far.

  • our daily tank is designed with straight straps and a open neckline so you can move freely and open during your practice
  • made with 4-way stretch luon® light fabric - soft, lightweight, breathable coverage
  • snug fit is great for layering & longer length fits taller girls
  • wear with the Daily Bra for no visible bra straps
  • flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
  • preshrunk
It reminds me a little of the old Embracer tank:

Embracer Tank II
The Embracer was made of lullure, though, and had a deep scoop back like the Daily tank. There was another version that had a mesh panel down the center of the back with an ipod pocket in it.

Back of the Embracer Tank III
Hmm, the new tank has an even deeper scoop in the back. I like it. I hope the straps work with the Ta Ta Tamer and will stay on my shoulders. I can't wait for it to hit the US.