Thursday, March 15, 2012

NEW Speed Short Color and Heathered Utlraviolet CRB Photos

I believe these are a new version of the Speed short - Lavender Dusk with Wee Are From Space Multi waistband - cute!

The Heathered Ultraviolet Cool Racerback is very tempting to me. I had hoped to try it on today but it's just starting to arrive in US stores.

NEW! Black Wee Are From Space Scuba

What is this little beauty my store received after I left today? It's a new Black Wee Are From Space Scuba with what looks like Fossil or maybe classic sport gray accents. I like this better than the multi WAFS scuba.

Today's Shopping Trip

Today I visited the store to return my Wee Are From Space Multi Cool Racerback and I tried on the Chase Me Tank. I liked this tank a lot but I thought it fit a little too snug in the chest for me to feel comfortable running in. I think it would ok for spin class but I am buying technical tops these days with an eye towards using them for running. I am spot on the lulu size chart in the chest so my official call is that this tank runs snug in the chest. I have read comments that people have sized up in this tank. I tried on the Ultraviolet version, White/Fossil Space Dye version, the Deep Indigo striped version (liked that the best), and the Lavender Dusk/Wee Are From Space version which is nicer in person than in photos. I thought the ultraviolet fit the smallest of all I tried on. I liked the Deep Indigo version the best but it had this issue:

There is a wedge inserted into one side only for some reason (make the bottom more roomy I suppose) and the stripes weren't matched up. The store only had one in my size so I couldn't get another one with better alignment. It looks really bad from the front, too:

WTF, lulu? Unfortunately, the woman who took the last two photos just grabbed the tank and left the store without trying it on. She was not happy to discover how half-assed the tank looked when she got it home. Two other minor things kept me from buying this tank - one of the tanks I tried had a pull in the ribbed luxtreme shoulder straps. I know stuff happens but if there are pulls on items in the stores it's a warning to me that perhaps things are not as robust as they should be. Another issue was that the swift material that makes up the torso portion seems to get wrinkly. The Ultraviolet tank had a  visible crease where it had been folded. The others versions didn't display wrinkles as easily since they were much lighter. I don't want to have to worry about wrinkles in my gym clothes. Overall, I kind of liked it but I am really holding out for some cute singlets made of silverescent.

I also tried on the Open Your Heart tank to check it out. It's a low support tank so not really useful to me. I like that it seemed to offer good coverge for bustier women and came up fairly high in the armpits. It's on the longer side.

Wee Are From Space Black Ta Ta Tamer
Wee Are From Space Multi Ta Ta Tamer
I ended up buying  the Black Wee Are From Space (WAFS) Ta Ta Tamer (TTT). I only have two TTTs and am getting tired of having to do laundry every couple of days to make sure I have a bra for my next run. I had a tough time choosing between the black WAFS and the multi WAFS but I figured the black would go with more of my tanks but is still a little on the wild side. The really cool thing is that the straps are a bit longer. I actually bought this TTT in a 36DD (my true bra size) whereas my other two are a 38D. I seem to remember I went up to the 38D in the first place to be able to cross the straps easier. However, when I crossed the black 36DD in the store it seemed easier than the two 38D TTT's I had at home. I just made a comparison and the straps on one side are about an inch longer:

The black strap is the new TTT in 36DD and the other two are 38D in Lavender Gray and Rocksteady, so not exactly ancient TTTs. I checked the other side and the straps are much closer in length but the Rocksteady is the shortest of all three. Oops, just checked the stretchiness of the elastic and the black elastic in my new TTT is a lot stretchier than my other two. I just ran around the house in it and the support is the same. Hmm. Anywho, if anyone has bought a newer TTT and can compare it to an older one in the same size I'd be interested to know if the strap length has changed/how the elastic compares. It could be just a manufacturing difference.

I also bought another Swiftly headband in the gray. I wore my Ultraviolet one to run in today and liked it a lot. It slipped back on my hair initially but then I pulled it so was on my forehead a little and it stayed in place for the rest of the run. It's so comfy you don't know it's there but it seems it needs to grip skin to stay in place.