Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photos of the Latest

This isn't the best photo but there is yet another new color in the Chase Me tank - it's a White with Coal/Fossil Wee Are From Space print. It's shown in the lower right corner.

I know I just posted I didn't like the short sleeve ultraviolet and white swiftly with the ultraviolet tracker shorts but I like how the longsleeve version looks with the same shorts in this photo. I know, I'm mental. Maybe the colors go better with this girl's coloring or something.

The Heathered Ultraviolet Every Yogi Tank. The color is so different compared to the technical tanks.

More photos of the Dazzling/Dune-UV Every yogi long sleeve.

I like how the Flash stripes on her shorts (special edition Speed Shorts) pick up the Flash bra. Maybe these shorts will go to quick markdown.

From an Australian product alert - a Heathered Ultraviolet Scoop Neck tank.

 Embrace crops in heathered Deep Coal (I think).

The same woman as above in the Wunder Under pant in Wee Are From Space Coal/Fossil.

This outfit looks so cute on this woman - black Chase Me tank and Special Edition Flash Speed shorts.

The Latest - Concord Trackers, WAFS Mtuli Chase Me Tank, and More

The Concord Grape Tracker II shorts. Are you guys excited for this color? I have one top in Concord (a Revitalize short sleeve tech top) but that is it. I can't say I am super excited unless some cute run singlets  (Energy SL, hint, hint ) come out in it. It's shown with the white Swiftly LS.

It's one thing to put these two colors together in the waistband of some crops but it's not so great in a tank.

I like this tank a lot but I can hear my husband making Pirates of the Carribean cracks now. I'd love this in big Silver Spoon stripes.

The Wee Are From Space Multi print Cool Racerbacks are hitting US stores now. I am going to take mine back and get the heathered Ultraviolet one instead. I love the WAFS multi print a lot but it doesn't look right with my skin tone.

These Jacquard Fossil Tracker shorts are so pretty. Love them!

 I'm not digging the obvious matchiness of this outfit.

On the other hand, I like this a lot. It's the UV swiftly with a pair of older Unicorn Tears print bottoms. The Violaceous in UT is a near match to ultraviolet so they will go well together.

I like this pairing a lot, too - the bright Dazzling swiftly with the neutral Wee Are From Space Turbo shorts.

New Deep Coal/WAFS fossil Hot N Sweaty Shorts.