Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More of the Latest & Lulu at the LA Marathon Expo

Photo of the Every Yogi tank in Heathered Dune. I could get into having this tank as a nice basic.

 A good photo of the Dazzling/Dune Every Yogi Tee. Not totally love this creamsicle color combo.

Dazzling Every Yogi LS.

The Heathered Rocksteady Good Karma Pullover. Love this color.

Lulu is bringing two of their run containers to the LA Marathon Expo. I am very tempted to go and see what they have. This is what they said about them:

Run Hard, Play Loud There are actually two "boxes" or containers as we call them that are arriving at the expo next weekend! It's like a mini lululemon store is being brought to you! We have lots of fun surprises awaiting including some of our amazing running garments for men and women for purchase, an open air photo booth and much much more! Come see us at the Expo Friday and Saturday!

Those of you who have been to races where Lulu exhibited at the expo, do you think it's worth going? Will they actually have new stuff we haven't seen before? I know they wrote they'd have "surprises" and it probably would be surprising to the casual lulu buyer but we are the hardcore who is on top the latest to hit the stores.

Couch to 5K: Week 8

Lots of water fowl at the park today
Today I started Week 8 of the Couch to 5K which is 28 minutes of running for three workouts. I ran in the same park I have been for the last couple of workouts except this time I ran along the paths in the park instead of sticking to the horse trail. This was one of the yuckier workouts where it seemed like a major effort from the first to the last minute. I think it's due to not enough sleep because of the time change. The good news is that I no longer have to count out loud to make it to the end so I think I have become used to running in large blocks of time. I only checked my watch a couple of times towards the end. I might start adding a little more time to these runs so I can meet the distance goals of the Couch to 5K. As long as I don't spin my ITB doesn't bother me much at all. Today was in the mid-50s and overcast so I wore a long sleeve Swiftly and a pair of older Run: Team Spirit crops. I should have worn shorter bottoms or short sleeves with the crops since I was a little hot but when it "looks" cold out I want to put on warmer clothes. I dug up an armband for my phone so I was relieved I didn't have to put it in my hat.

I forgot to write last week that I wore my new Swiftly headband to run in. It kind of slid back on my head so I didn't totally love it. I might have to try pulling it down close to my forehead so it grips skin and not hair. I wore a Dance headband today. That seems to be my favorite headband for running. It doesn't absorb a lot of sweat but it stays in place the best of all my lulu headbands.

Heathered Ultraviolet Cool Racerback Is Coming

Spotted on a strategic partner page - a Cool Racerback in Heathered Ultraviolet. I'm kind of liking this. I wonder if I should return my Wee Are From Space Multi CRB for this. I like it but don't totally love it and I have been wanting a top in ultraviolet. Hmmm. (Thanks to Shannon for the photo.)

Photos of the Latest

New White LS Swiftly and the new Fossil Jacquard Turbo shorts. This is such a cute outfit. The white Swiftly is tempting to me. I am loving my long sleeve Swiftlys for running. Ideally, I'd like one more since I keep wearing my same three over and over.

The White and Ultraviolet LS Swiftly is also super tempting to me. Shown on top with the Run Shorty Shorts and on the bottom with the matching ultraviolet Chase Me Crops.

The new Ultraviolet/Dune/Dazzling Every Yogi LS that was uploaded last night. It's selling really quickly on the website.

The Heathered Ultraviolet Every Yogi Tank.

 Pretty new Adjust Me bra in ultraviolet and White.

 The new Fossil/Wee Are From Space Practice Freely tank.

 The Heathered Rocksteady Good Karma Pullover.
Cute new Heathered Ultraviolet Boogie Shorts.

NEW! Dazzling/Dune Dip Dye Every Yogi Tee

Interesting new Every Yogi Tee in Dazzling and Dune.

NEW! Chase Me Tank Colors

Some cute new versions of the Chase Me Tank came out. This one is kind of fun but I am a little concerned about bleeding. The bra portion is solid Deep Indigo luxtreme and the bottom portion is swift. I know some deep indigo striped luxtreme tanks have bled but I wonder if this one might be ok. I am tempted. I am dying to get a new tank style that I can run in.

This new Chase Me tank is also super cute. The solid white bra portion scares me off a little, but not too much.

The Ultraviolet Chase Me would probably be my first choice but the white ones look so summery. Decisions, decisions.

Tracker Short Hints of Things to Come - New Print, Concord Grape, Blush Quartz

I didn't study all the new uploads last night but check out the new Tracker shorts. These are identified as Fossil/Heathered Fossil but there is a print on them.(Update - a store called them Fossil Jacquard)

Also, it looks like the new purple we'll be getting is Concord Grape. The color was out last year.

Also, it looks like we'll be getting items in a pastel pink called Blush Quartz.

More Photos of the Flash Special Edition Speed Shorts

Here is the back view of those Flash Speed Shorts I posted yesterday (the store had called them Flame). They are a special edition version. People have reported they are $68. The text with this photo says they have bonded seams. They also have a Flash liner which seems to be showing through in the bottom photo.