Friday, March 9, 2012

Couch to 5K Training: Week 7 - 25 Minute Runs

Week 7 of the Couch to 5K program is running a solid 25 minutes for three workouts. To help keep my mind off the length of the run I tried running in some new spots. This was Tuesday's run - along the beach in Newport and Huntington Beach. It was 60F, breezy, and overcast. I wore a short sleeve Swiftly and my Run: Passion crops. I've started wearing run crops so I can put my car keys in the zipper pockets. I also started the run with my "vintage" Sportif Jacket. I didn't really want to wear a jacket but I couldn't find my amphipod belt to hold my phone so I wore my jacket and ended up tying it around my waist. That wasn't ideal but I forgot about it after a few minutes. Nothing really stands out in my mind about this run other than I started out running into the wind and lasting 25 minutes wasn't at all easy since I had gone to spin class the day before. I didn't really care for running along this section of the beach since the path was so far from the ocean. However, it has ample bathrooms and free parking so it wasn't all bad.

On the way out. You can see the horse path on the left (marked by the wood fence), paralleling the bike trail.
On the horse trail for the way back. My home is at the top of the hill that you see on the left side of the photo.
For today's run I decided to run along the Santa Ana River trail that is close to my home. I started out on the bike trail, right next to the river, running into a stiff headwind but hopped onto the parallel horse trail after I spotted a couple of friends running on it. The horse trail was dirt and shaded. I think I have found my new favorite running spot. The weather today was in the low 70s and sunny when I started out. It was 80F when I finished. I wore a silverescent circle mesh Revitalize tech short sleeve shirt and Run: Zoom Knee Shorts. I still couldn't find my stinking Amphipod belt so I ended up putting my iphone in my Flight Running Bonnet. I know I poo-pood that idea when someone mentioned it years ago but it worked really well. I jammed the hat on my head so the phone didn't bounce and I didn't even notice it up there. I think I want to get at least one more pair of running shorts that are knee length, like the Zooms, or above the knee, like the Take Flight Bike Shorts if and when Lulu comes out with them. I think I also want to get an Amphipod ultility belt like my sister has so I can carry my phone and some small water bottles. Anywhoo, this run was a tad easier than Tuesday's and I didn't even have to count out loud to make it through it. I think I will come back to this trail again for Sunday's run but I might change my mind. This trail is crazy busy on the weekends.

Chase Me Tank Hitting US Stores and Other Photos

The Chase Me tank is finally hitting US stores. There is a version in wild blue stripe I am curious to see. I definitely want to try this on.

Two more photos of the Run: Wild 1/2 Zip in Dazzling.

Chili Red Run: Response Shorts are back in the stores. These sold out quickly when they were on line. I can't remember if they ever made it to stores in the US but if they did they were gone quickly. The non-gray and black colors go fast.

The Embrace crop is coming back. This photo is from an Australian product alert.

More lulu ed silliness - Wee Are From Space Multi Cool Racerkback and matching Wunder Unders.

NEW! Open Your Heart Tank

New Open Your Heart tank. I kind of like it except for the seam down the middle of your belly. Not getting that. It reminds me a little of the Gather V tank:

Gather V tank

Today's Shopping Trip - Run: Wild Half Zip Pullover

Run Wild Half Zip in Dazzling

I got to try on the new Run: Wild Half Zip pullover today and really liked it. My store had it in the orange (Dazzling) and Black. The surprise on the black version was that the back portion was made of the new jacquard mesh which has been spotted on a new CRB style in Australian stores.   The Dazzling version has a circle mesh back panel. I had wondered why the black felt a little warmer to me than the orange version until I spotted the jacquard pattern on the pocket of the black. I liked the weight of the orange version a lot and the circle mesh back is heaven. I would love a circle mesh long sleeve top. In fact, Ivivva has a circle mesh shrug that should be brought over to the lululemon line. I would love a shrug to put on over a tank at the start of a chilly run. I wasn't so keen on how bright the solid Dazzling looked on me, though. I felt like a traffic cone. I think this is a great color for runners that want visibility but it wasn't for me. If this top came in Ultraviolet with a circle mesh back or even white with a circle mesh back I probably would have gotten it. It seems like it would be for the same temp ranges as a long sleeve swiftly. My only comment on the fit is that the shoulders were not overly roomy, even a bit snug. That isn't an issue for me since I have smaller shoulders. The fit was true to size and not super roomy through the upper arms/chest. The versions with the jacquard mesh back felt like they'd be warmer than the circle mesh-backed ones.

Spotted In Australian Stores - Mesh Cool Racerback

I don't have much information other than this photo and that this is a mesh cool racerback. I'm not sure what these are made of. A couple of years ago lulu made cool racerbacks out of circle mesh and they are one of the coolest tops I have for hot workouts. I am excited to see them back again. As soon as I get more information I will update. (Thanks to Megan for the photo.)

Update - More photos and the tag. It also comes in black. (Thanks again, Megan!)

Australian prices are higher than North America - don't freak out