Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Heathered Dazzling Ride On Henley with Indigo Ride On Shorts

You can unbutton the Ride On shorts to add length.

New Ride OM Yoga Mat Bag

Heathered Fossil Run Rest Day Pullover

For you expecting moms - the Practice Freely will take you all the way through your pregnancy.

Couch to 5K Week 5 Day 3 - The 20 Minute Run (dun dun dun)

Today was the 20 minute run of the Couch to 5K. I have to say it was a long twenty minutes and after the first ten my legs felt a tired and heavy. I definitely wouldn't have minded a two minute break right about the ten minute mark. I recruited my husband to go with me and we tried a flat asphalt bike path in our city. I'm used to running by myself so I found seeing someone run next to me out of the corner of my eye annoying so I told him to run ahead. He recently ran his first half marathon in 1:54 so I was holding him back anyway. He would periodically double back to check on me and it was nice to have some one to walk back with since we made this a run out and walk back session. All in all he said we covered about 4 miles or so. I definitely feel shin splint issues so I've rolled, stretched, and iced and I think I need to get some different sneakers now that I am running for longer stretches. The Week 6 workouts do more run/walk intervals for Day 1 and Day 2 and then Day 3 is a 22 minute run. I think my husband and I will do the same run next Sunday.

My outfit of the day is a lolo purple long sleeve swiftly, luxtreme Run: Zoom Knee Shorts, and a lolo headband. It was mid-50s and sunny out. I could have worn a short sleeve shirt but the long sleeve was nice for the walk back. My new music download for the run was DoYaThing by the Gorillaz.

Photos: Ride On Blazer, Rest Day Pullover, and More

The Denim Deep Indigo Ride On Blazer looks pretty cute in these photos. I don't think it's $168 cute, though.

Run: Rest Day Pullover in Heathered Fossil and the Wee Are From Space Multi Wunder Unders.

From Australia but hopefully coming soon - the Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback.