Saturday, February 25, 2012

Outfit of the Day for Spin Class: Dance Twisted Tank with Ebb and Flow Crops

I decided to pull an oldie but goodie out of my closet for Friday's spin class - the Dance: Twisted Tank in the Crystal Pink/Bon Bon Fatbird Floral print. I also have this same tank in black. The Dance: Twisted is one of my favorite hot weather tanks. It's made of luxtreme and one of the few skinny strap tanks that accommodates bustier women. I layered a Pink Mist Energy bra underneath for a little more support and coverage for class. It's a little longer which I wanted since I also wore Ebb and Flow crops and was concerned about potential sheerness issues. I love this tank but I was less thrilled about how the Ebb and Flows felt as class progressed. I really like the Ebb and Flow crops but the knit fabric kind of bit into my sit bone area as class progressed. As perspiration became more of an issue, the fabric started becoming more abrasive in the areas where I contacted the seat. It wasn't awful but the Ebb and Flows don't feel as nice as wearing luon or luxtreme bottoms to spin. I won't be using them for spin again.

Photos - Tan Ride On Pants, Ride On Henley

I think the tan Ride On Pants are the best of the three colors that are out.

Ride On Henley with Pigment Blue bottoms.

Photos: Ride On Henley, Blazer, and Pants; New Wunder Under Colors

Run: Rest Day Pullover in heathered Fossil shown with the new heathered Ultraviolet Wunder Unders. The WUs look a bit darker in this photo than they do in real life but are super pretty.

Heathered Dazzling Ride On Henley and new Wee Are From Space Multi Wunder Unders. Note how clingy the top is through the shoulder, upper arms, and armpit/chest.

The back of the Dazzling Ride On Henley. It looks like a nightshirt from the back.

Ride on Blazer with the Ride On Pant

Ride On Jacket - in black denim

Ride On Pant

Photos: Bike On Crops, Pants, Shorts; Run Rest Day Pullover and More

Hmm, the Ride On Blazer has more of a duck tail than I noticed last night. Shown with the Ride On Shorts in Fossil.

Ipod pocket - hope people aren't wearing their ipods when riding
The Ride On Crops in black. It's shown with the Run: Rest Day Pullover.

Run: Rest Day Pullover details. I didn't get a good photo of the overlapping hem last night but I thought it was a cute detail.

Ride On Henley shown with the Ride On Pant. I still don't understand why this was given such a maternity look and not made more form-fitting.

Details on the Ride On Pant.

I forgot that I saw this color in the Energize pant last night - it's Heathered Deep Coal.

I poked around the web trying to find more info on bike commuting clothes/equipment and found an interesting flickr group: CommuteByBike. It looks like most people commute in their street clothes. I dunno, I just don't think the Bike On products will be big sellers outside of Vancouver, at least as far as using them for bike commuting goes. What do you all think?

Luxtreme Deep Indigo Bleeding

Two different women have posted photos of their new Deep Indigo striped tanks bleeding / experiencing color transfer. This photo is of two tanks. The top is the Dance Strap tank and the bottom is the strap on the Aquamarine Swift Tank. The tanks were like this when this woman received her new tanks in the mail - they hadn't even been worn.

This photo is from a different woman and is of the Dance Strip tank after a hot power fusion yoga class. She also had bleeding on the back portion, too.

This is unacceptable.

Color Comparisons: Ultraviolet to Raspberry, Violaceous, and Potion Purple

I dug out a few headbands to compare to the Ultraviolet Bang Buster. As others have noted, it looks nearly identical to Violaceous. From top to bottom: Orchid (I think) 1" headband, a Unicorn Tears slipless headband that has Violaceous in it, Violaceous Dance headband, Black/Raspberry Dance headband, Potion Purple Define Jacket.

Final Comments on Tonight's Shopping Trip

I saw the Pedal Pusher bag tonight. It's very cute and seems to be the perfect size for summer sightseeing. It's $58 and also comes in solid black in addition to the Fossil/Dune shown above.

I ended up going home with the Ultraviolet Bang Buster headband. Tomorrow I will take some photos comparing it to some other purples/violets I have. My store did not get the Lavender Dusk Bang Buster.

Shopping Trip, Part 8 - Energize Pants are Back!

Energize Pant photo from 2010
I really liked the Energize pant when they first came out in 2010 and they have put the rear pocket back on (they took it off last year's version).  I think they fit on the big side in regular luon so you might want to size down. They fit a lot like Groove pants through the rear and thigh. If you find the Wunder Under pant cut a little snug for you, try the Energize pant. They come in black, black denim, and I think fossil denim.