Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photos: Deep Indigo Bold Stripe X-Long Cool Racerback

This is the Deep Indigo Bold Stripe Extra Long Cool Racerback. You wouldn't know it's an Extra Long CRB, though, because the store posed this with a pair of Happy Hatha (vomit) Crops. I'm enforcing my ban on not publishing photos of this crop (I know I'm juvenile but I'm annoyed lulu continues to waste resources on beating the harem crop dead horse) so that's why they aren't in these photos or ever will be. As soon as I find better photos of this new tank I'll post.

Photos: Flow and Go, Switchback Shorts, Apres Practice Anorak

Photos of the new Flow and Go tank in Aquamarine and White. I have read comments that the Aquamarine is a bit on the sheer side.

I like combo together. It's the Deep Indigo Get Fit tank and Switchback shorts in the Inkblot Print. The Switchback shorts reverse to solid Deep Indigo with a heathered Deep Indigo waistband.

The Every Yogi tank in Paris Pink (very pretty in real life, not at all bright like it is in the technical fabrics) paired with the Deep Indigo Denim Wunder Under crops.

Apres Practice Anorak

Spotted in Stores - Aquamarine Discover Stripe In Stride Jacket

Spotted in a strategic partner store (they often get new items before the regular stores), a new Aquamarine/Discover Stripe In Stride Jacket. (Thanks to Monica for the photo.)

Spotted in Stores: Paris Pink Back on Track Tank

Spotted in US stores, a Paris Pink Back on Track Tank. (Thanks to Mandy for the photo.)

The Sea Wheeze Race Shorts?

This was posted by lulu on Instagram. It's looking like these are the shorts that women are getting as part of the race entry fee. I think the Cool Racerback might also be a Sea Wheeze-only item. The colors match the Sea Wheeze logo:

Too bad we didn't get a Cool Racerback instead of shorts. I would have much preferred that. The rumor was that the shorts are supposed to sent out in February so we might be getting them in the near future. (Thanks to Krystle and Nicole for the heads up.)

Update: [This has since changed so see Update #3] This was posted as a comment to the photo:

"You're looking at a special sneak peek at some product that will be available for purchase in our Vancouver stores during race week. Make sure you stay tuned for details on the race package gear!"

So maybe this isn't our race item. The Sea Wheeze FAQ said special items would only be available at the race and not in stores, from the Sea Wheeze FAQ page:

what is the gift with entry? I am a different size for lululemon shorts, pants and tops and want to ensure I enter the correct size while registering?
Participants will be receiving a pair of exclusive SeaWheeze running shorts.

will there be exclusive SeaWheeze merchandise sold at the event?
Yes! An exclusive line of technical lululemon athletica gear perfect for all your sweaty pursuits will be sold at the SeaWheeze event. Stay tuned for more details.

can I buy SeaWheeze merchandise at stores?
No. SeaWheeze merchandise will only be sold at the event to runners and enthusiastic groupies on Friday, August 10th and Saturday, August 11th.

Update #2 - Men's clothing item has been changed from a shirt to shorts.

Update #3: Recently posted on the lulu Facebook page:

Lululemon Athletica Hey Guys!
I just wanted to give you a quick update, the product pictured above won't be sold in our stores but will be available at the SeaWheeze expo. The expo is open to everyone, so runners and their cheer squads can come on down and pick up some SeaWheeze gear!

Update #4: Posted on the Sea Wheeze Facebook page in response to a question about a finisher medal: 

Lululemon Athletica Hi Justine,
Great question! At the end of the race there will be a commemorative finishing piece an you’re gonna love it. We can't wait to see you there!
~ Siya

Hmm, experienced racers, what else could a "commemorative finishing piece" mean? A Pin? 

Update #5 Lulu has changed the wording on the headphone restriction and it has been changed to you are encouraged to run without them, not that they are prohibited.

can I wear headphones/iPod during the run?
To ensure everyone’s safety and maximum enjoyment of Vancouver’s setting and the course route, we encourage you to run sans headphones. We promise you won’t want to miss anything that’s happening, anyways…keep those ears open!