Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photos: Run Like the Wind Hat, Aquamarine Scuba, and More

I love the mixing of wide stripes with the narrow stripes. If you don't like the Practice Freely tank you can get a similar look with the Cool Racerback that is on the website:

I don't think this CRB is in stores yet, though. At least, it hasn't shown up in any store photos yet.

One of the few photos of the Aquamarine Scuba hoodie that I have come across. It's a very pretty scuba.

A first photo of the new Run: Like the Wind Hat.

The Heathered Deep Indigo Astros come in both crop and pant form. I am loving Heathered Deep Indigo.

More Heathered Deep Indigo love - HDI Will Pants paired with the Inkblot Power Y.

A very cool outfit for hot workouts - Practice Freely tank with Hot Move Shorts in Deep Indigo.

A funky combo - Deep Indigo/Inkblot Practice Freely tank with Paris Wunder Unders.

The latest yoga totes with the latest clothes.

New Men's Surge pant made from Swift. My husband's been collecting swift-type pants lately. He now has four pairs of lulu pants. I told him his lulu collection was starting to rival my own and he scoffed but he has quite a few pieces now - maybe about three dozen or so.

Photos: Endless Scarf, Braided Headbands, Inkblot and More

The top photo goes to the craziest outfits of the day. I know these girls were just having fun but I couldn't resist posting it. Interesting how the print in the Scuba is darker than in the Wunder Unders.

The Inkblot tanks go so nice with Deep Indigo Grooves that all these photos are really making me want to buy a pair.

A nice daylight photo showing the Aquamarine Cool Racerback up close. I love the color in this photo.

The latest braided headbands. I haven't tried this style yet. Does anyone have any feedback on them? Are they as comfortable as the Dance headband?

The new Endless Scarf.

I love the color of the Deep Indigo Yin Me pullover in this photo.

A photo showing how the Flow and Go tote splits in the middle to accommodate your yoga mat.

I love the Inkblot scuba with coordinating Heathered Indigo Will pants.

The Inkblot Arise bra with the matching Yin To You crops.

I know someone commented recently that the Aquamarine Yin Me pullover isn't that see through but it sure looks it here.

I really, really like the Yin to You crops. A photo of one way to wear it here.