Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photos: It's Happening Jodhpur Pant

Do I really need to say anything here?

Some photos of the new Jodhpur pant I spotted in the store last night. These are black but the ones I saw last night were heathered charcoal or heathered coal. It doesn't look nearly as bad in black but I still don't think these pants are doing anything special for this girl. They are probably comfortable but they certainly aren't figure enhancing at all. What woman wants to add volume to her thighs?

Deep Indigo Bleeds, Too?

Posted today on a lulu-fan Facebook site - a photo of the Switch Back LS with color bleeding from the Deep Indigo stripes onto the white stripes. I would have never expected this from running luon in a dark color. This woman went for a one-hour run in this top. Having multiple colors have dye issues in multiple fabrics in unacceptable, lululemon. Where is the quality control? Don't you test this stuff before you release the product? For the price you charge people expect much, much better. You better get it together quickly before people seek out brands (probably all of your competitors) you can actually sweat in with out worrying about.

Photos of the Latest and Tonight's Shopping Trip

 A photo of the third color in the Yin to You crops - these are Fossil Slub denim. I saw them in the store tonight and they have the same texture as black slub denim. My sister tried on the black slub denim version and I thought they looked super cute on her but she hated the texture of slub denim on her skin and felt it looked like she had "elephant skin." LOL.

I tried on the Tea Lounge Pullover tonight. The fit and look totally reminded of the Rehearsal long sleeve.  It fit snug through the arms and upper chest. In fact, in all these photos you can see wrinkles at the armpits where it's tight across the upper chest. An easy pass for me.

Sooo, now that I've seen the Inkblot Wunder Under pants in person I can't say I like the print that much. It looks a lot more blue in real life than it does in these photos. In the photos it looks much darker, nearly black. I've bought navy lulu pieces before but ended up selling them after a while since I never wore them. I just can't get into navy blue as a workout wear color. I really like solid deep Indigo but it's too light or something in this print. I definitely want to try on the Power Y to be sure because I usually love wild prints but I wasn't loving it when I saw it tonight. Oh yes, I saw the Inkblot headband I posted earlier today and it's a slipless headband.

I saw the Transformation Wrap in the store tonight but didn't try it on since the largest size they had was an eight. I'm not really into lulu wraps that much in the first place and the price is pretty high for what it is so an easy pass for me.

I did not see the new Practice Freely tank tonight but I thought you'd like to see some more photos of it. I definitely want to give it a try but I don't think I will get one since I already have two No Limit tanks.

Lulu Flow and Go Tote - inspired by...
the Skip Hop Diaper Bag?

I saw the Flow and Go Tote tonight. It is a very tall tote and it does remind you a bit of a Skip Hop diaper bag as someone commented on my Facebook page. I know a lot of women like to use lulu gym bags as diaper bags so you might want to check this one out.

Oh yeah, I don't have a photo yet but there are new pants out called the It's Happening Jodhpurs. I saw them in the store tonight. They are tight at the calf and puff out at the thigh - just what I need. I thought they were pretty ugly. As soon as I find a photo I will post.

My sister tried a bunch of stuff on tonight but ended up getting the Ebb and Flow crops (I talked her into them after I took a photo of her rear to show her how good they made it look ;-) ), a Power Y in the Coal Tinted Canvas Print (the Power Y is her favorite tank and pretty much the only tank style she buys), and The Run: Stay on Course Jacket for winter running in Oregon.

NEW! Yin To You Pullover

New Yin to You Pullover. It comes in Aquamarine and Deep Indigo and is reversible to stripes (in the Indigo version). You can also switch around the front and the back. I'm not really in the market for the cashlux knit pullovers so this is a pass for me.