Saturday, January 21, 2012

Aquamarine Vs. Angel Blue and Toothpaste

 Reader Lauren was nice enough to make some comparison photos of Angel Blue and Aquamarine. Angel Blue is on top and the Aquamarine is on the bottom.

In this photo, the top left color is Angel Blue, the bottom left is Toothpaste and the vertical strip on the right is Aquamarine. I need to dig up some Aruba and head down to the store to compare Aquamarine to Aruba. I think I have a bra that has Sea Spray in it, too, so I'll try to remember to bring it with me when I go to the store this week.

NEW! Run: Switch Back Long Sleeve Top

Also spotted in stores, a new run long sleeve top called the Run: Switch Back LS. It's $88 and made of running luon with luxtreme side panels. I like the idea of a rulu-luxtreme combo. I'm going to have to try this on. The tag says double-sided running luon (they're reversible) so I'm thinking it's thicker like the Run: Turn Around LS but the luxtreme side panels offer some cooling. I kind of like this idea since I found the TA so hot to run in in my climate. I'm not sure what other colors it comes in.  The gray and white reverses to all white. The gray and white one is kind of cute. (Thanks to Tonya-Lynn for the photos.)

NEW! Ebb and Flow Tank

Just spotted in stores - the new Ebb and Flow Tank. For some reason this tank is $64. This material looks kind of like the knit Patagonia makes it's bra tops from. It's hard to tell from this photo. It also comes in Black and Deep Indigo. (Thanks to Tonya-Lynn for the photo.)