Friday, January 13, 2012

Photos of the Latest: Graceful Flow, Power Ys, Brisk Earwarmer, and More

A rare photo of the black Graceful Flow tank.

Another photo of the Wild Lime Scuba. It's supposed to be heathered Wild Lime/Wild Lime.

Pigment Blue Energy Bra - my favorite

A blonde model for a change.

The caption said this Scuba was Flash. I am not sure if there really are two new scubas, bon bon and flash, or just one.

I love this woman's coloring and she fills out a Power Y really nicely. If you are curvy, the Power Y is a great choice.

The Bang Buster looks super wide. I have to say my wide Mesh headwraps aren't my favorite. They tend to hang off the back of my head. Maybe you can play with this and scrunch it up.

A reader (thank you Ms. R) sent me this article showing a new lulu Brisk Run Earwarmer.

Silver Spoon Galore - all the latest Silver Spoon Striped Items

 Photos of the new Silver Spoon stripe In Stride Jacket. This is kind of fun.

Photos of the Silver Spoon CRB. This hasn't made it to my local store yet. In the top two photos, it's shown with Coal Tadasana pants. In the bottom, with coordinating Wunder Under pants.

The Silver Spoon narrow striped Lively Tee. I want to try this on, too. Those of you who have white Lively tees - do they yellow under the arms?

Silver Spoon looks so nice on this woman - the Silver Spoon Deep Breath tank. I think she has Tadasana pants in this photo, too.

A blonde in the Silver Spoon Scoop neck tank and coal Tadasana pant.

 My Silver Spoon Power came today. I need to try it on.

The Silver Spoon outfit - Silver Spoon pique Define, SS Scoop Neck, and Coal Tadasana pants.

NEW! Camo No Limit Tank and Cool Racerback

How cool is this? Very GI Jane badass cool. I am digging this No Limit Tank.

Here is the Camo CRB. I think I need this one, too.

NEW! Bang Buster Headband

Those of you who like headbands (I do - I have over *cough* 50 *cough*) - lulu has a new headband style out - the Bang Buster. This reminds me a lot of the Mesh Headwrap, probably my favorite lulu headband style.

Mesh Headwrap
For right now, the Bang Buster only comes in Pig, White, and Black but I sure hope it's coming in some brighter colors. I must get these!