Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photos: Silver Spoon Power Y, Tadasana Pants, and More

lululemon silver spoon wide stripe power y tank
The Wide Striped Silver Spoon Power Y with Flash Astro Pants. I can't wait for my Power Y to get here. I was so bummed none of my other nearby stores had it in my size.

lululemon lively crewneck tee in wide pig pink stripes
Pig striped Lively tee. I forgot to write I saw this today but I would prefer one in the fat silver spoon stripes. The wide silver spoon stripe pattern is just one of those that really appeals to me.

lululemon silver spoon back on track tank
lululemon silver spoon back on track long sleeve midlayer top
Silver Spoon stripe Back on Track LS.

lululemon wild lime free to be bra under flash cool racerback tank

lululemon wild lime free to be flash cool racerback with hot 'n sweaty skirt
Heathered Flash Cool Racerback with Free To Be bra in Wild Lime. Worn with the Hot N Sweaty skirt.

lululemon back on track silver spoon tank

lululemon back on track silver spoon tank
The Silver Spoon striped Stay on Course tank. The stripes in the pleats don't line up with those on the tank in this one. In the pigment blue one I saw today, they lined up very nicely. I guess that's something to look for when you get this tank.

lululemon flash tadasana pant

lululemon tadasana pant in coal
Lots of excitement about the Tadasana pants coming pant. These pants run narrow in the leg and are fitted through to the calf.

lululemon tadasana pant with wrinkle
Any pant that bunches up behind the knee is too narrow in the leg for you. If you have slim legs, the Tadasana are great, if you don't, stick to Grooves.

lululemon wunder under pant quilted waistband
I really like the gray and black waistbands in these Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon flash scuba hoodie
Flash Scuba

OT: My New Toy - Garmin FR60

In prep for the Lulu Half Marathon in August I started the Couch to 5K running program last week. I know it's a very ambitious goal but I am going to give it my best. My husband has been running several months now and has come to prefer his Garmin heart rate monitor/GPS over his Polar HRM. He has both the FR60, primarily for the heart rate info (he had a lot of trouble with the Polar strap and/or sensor dropping his heart rate a lot) and a Garmin Forerunner 310XT which he raves about (he loves the vibrating alerts). As my Valentine's Day present my husband got me an FR60, which he said I could start using now. The heart rate data is so much more comprehensive than my Polar FT60. The Polar only gives me a min and max for any workout, I can't see how it changes instantaneously over time. The Garmin gives you a graph over the duration of your workout. The Couch to 5K has you start running 60 seconds and then walking for 90 seconds over a period of 20 minutes and then ramping up the running durations on a weekly basis. I've been looking at the watch on my Polar to time myself but the Garmin will beep at me. I can't wait to give it a try.

Flash, Flush, Passion, Paris, Alarming Comparison

comparison of lululemon colors flush, flash, alarming, paris, and passion
A great photo comparing Flash to similar colors. Solid Flash is in the center. Starting at the top and going clockwise: Passion, Heathered Paris, Static Alarming, Flush. I am surprised how pink Flash looks in comparison to the oranges in the group (Passion, Flush, and Alarming). (Thanks to Jodi for the photo)

comparison of lululemon colors flash and passion
Another great photo showing Passion on the bottom (Inner Awareness tank), Flash as the middle layer (No Limit Tank), and Passion Microstripe on top. (Thanks to Jaclyn for the photo)

Store Trip Report - Good and Bad

lululemon heathered flash define jacket
I read that my stores got the new Flash and Wild Lime in today so I went to South Coast Plaza to check it out. The photo above is probably the best real life representation of Heathered Flash that I have.  I have to be honest, I hate this color. I thought Paris Pink was obnoxiously bright but this is much worse. It's very neon. It glows. It's very Hot Tube Time Machine, an era I already lived through and am not interested in repeating. If you're younger, maybe you won't have the same reaction but this color reminded me of when I had big hair and dayglo acrylic nails (can you tell I lived in New Jersey for awhile?). I thought the heathered version would be a little mellower than the solid but it seems almost brighter. The heathered flash cool racerback I ordered last night is going back as soon as I get it. One caveat I will make is that if you are a runner or cyclist and want maximum visibility, then Flash is a great color for you. I also really liked Wild Lime and nearly bought the cool racerback but I already have the Heathered Tree Frog CRB.  It's like a deeper, less pastel version of Faded Zap. I might get an Energy bra in Wild Lime to wear under my zipper CRB. I think Flash is best appreciated in small doses - a colorful waistband, a bra, or a pair of Speed shorts but in an entire tank I found it overwhelming.

lululemon stay on course tank in pigment blue and white stripe
lululemon stay on course tank in pigment blue and white stripe
There is a new Pigment Blue and White Stay on Course tank out. I liked this a lot but I just don't gravitate towards navy blues in my workout wear.

lululemon silver spoon striped power y tank
I didn't notice this tank when it was uploaded last night but saw it in the store today. I really liked it and ended up ordering one from the web today. The one I tried on it the store had something odd going on at the neckline and armpits - they were stretched out and gaping. The luon in this power y is super soft - like a heathered Cool Racerback.

lululemon silver spoon striped scoop neck tank
I also saw this new scoop neck, which is very pretty. I seem to be in a Power Y phase now so left this at the store.

NEW! Free to Be Bra in Flash

lululemon flash free to be bra
lululemon free to be bra
A photo of the Flash Free to Be was finally released. So pretty!