Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photos: Lively Tees, Pig Pink Defines, and More

lululemon pig striped lively tee
The pink and white fat striped Lively tee is cute. Did it already sell out on the website? I can't remember if it was uploaded last week.

lululemon pig pink define jacket and deep breath tank together
I must be in a pink mood. This looks so pretty together - the Pig Define with a matching Deep Breath tank underneath.

lululemon pig pink define and coal tadasana slit crop pants
The same girl but not you can see her pants - the matching Tadasana slit crops in Heathered Deep Coal with a pig waistband. I liked this crop a lot when I tried them on.

lululemon pigment blue tadasana pant
There are two new Tadasana pants out now, too - these in Pigment and one with a Pig waistband.

lululemon its happening jacket and lively tee
The Pigment Blue It's Happening Jacket with the Pigment and white striped Lively Crewneck tee underneath.

lululemon pigment stride and cross my heart tank
lululemon pigment blue striped stride jacket with silver stripe tank
Two interesting pairings with the Pigment striped In Stride Jacket - one with a solid Pigment Cross My Heart tank and the other with a Silver Spoon striped Run: Back on Track tank.

lululemon cross my heart tank in pigment blue
Solid pigment blue Cross My Heart. This is how it looked when I tried it on - the under laying bra really showed.

Wunder Under crop quilted waistbands.