Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Latest: Cross My Heart Tank, Chai Time Pullover, It's Happening Jacket

lululemon cross my heart tank
Silver Spoon striped Cross My Heart tank. I need to try this one on. Maybe tomorrow.

lululemon chai time pullover

lululemon destined for greatness duffel gym bag
Chai Time Pullover with silver spoon striped pique wunder under pants and pigment Destined for Greatness Duffel.

lululemon it's happening jacket

lululemon it's happening jacket

lululemon it's happening jacket

More It's Happening Jacket photos

Photos of The Latest: Deep Breath, Chai Time, Leg Warmers and More

lululemon deep breath tank
A great close up photo showing the Heathered Silver Spoon Deep Breath tank. This color reminded me a lot of Heathered Sand Dune or Heathered Blurred gray. The texture is very similar - super soft.

lululemon deep breath silver spoon
A good photo illustrating how much cleavage you might show in the Deep Breath in some poses. Of course, YMMV, but you should definitely bend and twist when you try this tank on.

lululemon chai time pullover
This photo makes me want to get the new Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover.

lululemon pigment blue define and wunder unders
This woman has such a great shape. She will get your attention in head to toe Pigment Blue.

lululemon pigment power y
The Pigment and white striped Power Y.

lululemon eternatl leg warmers

New running luon Eternal Leg Warmers. They were on the website last week (I missed them) but sold out quickly. They are now hitting local stores.

Photos of the It's Happening Jacket

Photos of the Pigment Blue It's Happening Jacket. It seems to be flattering on everyone. People are saying it fits very snug, like a Define, so they are sizing up to be able to layer underneath.

Black It's Happening Jacket

The Heathered Silver Spoon It's Happening Jacket

New Items from the Product Notice Emails

There isn't too much brand new stuff in the early week product notice emails. Wunder Groove crops are coming in a black and gray quilted waistband (winter quilt 22). I definitely need to check these out.

New Re-Run running luon Short Sleeve top for the men. This color is the most interesting of those that were uploaded to the website - heathered dark slate baby blue wee stripe.

Lulu Marathon Bound!!!

OMG, my husband just told me he wants to plan for us to visit Vancouver for the marathon this summer. I am so excited! We've been wanting to visit that area for awhile now so I guess this is a good excuse. I know lulumum is going to run in the marathon but unless they add a 5K I will only be watching my husband run. We'll have to plan a big meetup before the race.

Upload Discussion - Part II

Wunder Groove crops with a pig pink waistband were uploaded tonight. They reverse to all black. If this was a grays and blacks pattern or pigment blue or purples, I would totally get another pair of WU grooves but I never buy tanks in pastel pink. I hope this means more colorful waistbands are coming in these.

I was kind of tempted but the pig striped cabin long sleeve but it reverses to heathered silver spoon. I already have the black cabin that reverses to gray. If this had reversed to solid pig pink I would have bought it.

There is a very pretty solid pigment blue cabin long sleeve but that also reverses to gray. I don't get why most of the cabins reverse to gray.

The new Lively Tees are very cute. I am waiting for one in striped silver spoon.

New In Stride jackets were released. I kind of like the pig striped one. The black pique In Stride is also very tempting.

The Flash Swiftly racer back is tempting but I really want to try this on to get a better sense of the color on me and the size. I haven't bought or tried on a Swiftly tank in a couple of years. There is also a CRB coming in Flash so ideally I'd like to wait until both are here to make a decision.

Pretty new Define in Pig. The Pigment Blue one was also uploaded

A bunch of new Pacesetter skirts were uploaded tonight. I know a lot of people really like this style.

I was very tempted by this Cross My Heart tank tonight but I want to try it on. I tried on the Cross My Heart tank so quickly at the store I can't remember if I sized down in it or not. I know my initial impression was nice enough but I needed it in a better color to get me to buy it. I also want to see whether I can carry off the all-over stiped look. The CRB in this pattern is also very tempting.

I ended up ordering this Soot gray Metal Vent Tech tee for my husband as a Valentine's day present. For once it isn't an odd color and the price is pretty good - $39. The Rugged Blue Run Response shorts I got him for Christmas have gray striped so this would go nicely. The Canadian side has a lot more mens items on markdown.