Sunday, January 1, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip + Pigment/Wish Blue & Pink Mist/Pig Pink Comparisons

Comparison: Wish Headband to Pigment Blue Cross My Heart Bra
Today I went to my local store hoping to try on the new tanks since the store I went to yesterday was a zoo. It was much quieter today. I brought along a Wish Blue headband to compare to Pigment Blue. The above photo shows a Wish headband laying on top of a Pigment Blue Cross My Heart Bra. As you can see, the colors are nearly identical.

Pink Mist bra on left, Pig Pink tank of right
I also brought along my Pink Mist Energy bra to compare to Pig Pink.The Energy bra is on the left. I think the bra is a bit lighter than my Pink Mist tanks but not by much. You can see the Pig Pink is a darker pink.

I tried on both the Pig Pink striped and Silver Spoon striped No Limit tanks and ended up getting the Silver Spoon version. Both are very pretty but I liked how the Silver Spoon version had two different sized stripes in the tank - the fat stripes on the bra with the smaller striped pattern edging tank in the front and on the straps. I also have a perference for grays and blacks, as you know.

I gave the Back on Track tank another try with a Ta Ta Tamer underneath since I read some other people are wearing it that way for more support. I tried but couldn't fully hide the TTT. I also figured if I was going to get a loose fitting tank it might as well be the No Limit, a tank that I already am comfortable with. The bra portion of the Back on Track is just too small for my chest.

I gave the new Deep Breath tanks a try on. The fit seems identical to the previous color runs. It's super soft in all the new colors but it's still too revealing for my chest. The fabric is very stretchy and not supportive enough for me to wear without another bra underneath.
I also tried the Heathered Pig Cool Racerkback. It's a super soft CRB but I am just not a pastel pink person when it comes to my workout clothes.