Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

I tried on the black Draft Dodger jacket and liked a lot of things about it - the length, the roominess in the shoulders and arms, the materials it was made of, the upper arm pocket. However, I really dislike an asymmetrical opening on a jacket like this. Actually, I dislike asymmetrical openings on jackets in general. I want a jacket to look as nice hanging open as it does closed and the big neck flap on one side just ruins it for me. If it gets marked down enough I might consider it but it stayed at the store today. I've read some people have sized down in this. I'd say do that if you aren't going to run in it because otherwise you'd want the upper body room.

I also tried on the Miracle Jacket. I found it super bulky. It was warm and soft but just too much bulk. I think it's way overpriced for what it is, too. Should be at least $130 less since it's not a technical piece. I thought this ran TTS.

I tried on the pique U-Turn Pullover and Runder Under LS and loved them the best of all that have come out. They were super soft. If you were going to get one of these tops I'd look at the pique versions.

For those of you who bought the Run: Turn Around LS last year this is the Runder Under LS compared to a TA LA. (Thanks to Ms. N. for the photo.)

I tried on the Black and White CRB and the new Beaming Blue CRB. The Beaming Blue is a soft CRB and is 92% lycra/8% polyester. The B&W isn't as soft and has 47% polyester/45%nylon/8% lycra. I ended up getting the Beaming Blue.

I also tried on the Black and White Classic Stripe Scuba and the Laceoflage Scuba. I thought the B&W Stripe felt a bit snugger and stiffer than the Laceoflage one. I could not resist the Laceoflage so it went home with me.

I tried on the Coco Pique Daily Yoga jacket, too. I didn't care for the two tone on me and I can't get over how thin the fabric is in the new jackets. It was a pass for me.

I saw the Polar Cream Swiftly in the store. It looked kind of dingy. I didn't really care for it and the lace print doesn't stand out that well.


Anonymous said...

So sad that I can't wear any of the new scubas. Too short. I thought the miracle jacket would be so nice if it were a plain fitted body with the same arm and hood material. I thought the arms and hood were great. The pockets looked like ipad pockets someone sewed onto a jacket. Bulky weird and unflattering.

Malia C. said...

@LLA: HURRAY you finally got your Beaming Blue CRB!

The product drop is at 11:15pm PST tonight right?

With the Laceoflage Scuba, did you think it was the same (short) length as the other Scuba Stretches that have been released? Since the material is feeling different, based on color, I was hoping (wishful thinking I know) that the cut would be different too.

Sandra said...

I thought the U-turn was much more comfy than the Runder Under LS, I could feel the seams and my kneck and chest felt bare. Also the u-turn grey and black looks really nice in person vs the colored ones; it looks much more expensive and actually looks like a completely diff shirt when reversed (all black).

LuluAddict said...

@ Malia - It wasn't shorter than the new ones. I'll have to lay it on top of Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone and see how it measures up.

Joy said...

Swiftly need good pigment or they look dingy. I have a white/purple one from last year that is only worn under other clothes because the white is so blah.