Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Latest eBay Purchase - Spirit Pullover

Long time lulu fans probably remember the Spirit Pullover from 2009. This is the Power Purple version. I consider the Spirit one of the prettiest run tops lululemon ever came out with and this post is a shameless plea for them to consider bringing it back (next year?!?). I picked up the Power Purple one on eBay recently for a very good price. My sister owns two of them, one in Fruity Tootie and another in Bright Blue.

The black version was gorgeous but at the time I didn't want to spend $118 on a fleece hoodie for SoCal. The reflective designs really make the piece but it has a very flattering fit.

Product Features:

  • The perfect thermal midlayer for winter running
  • Wicking tech fleece has high-loft backing for added warmth
  • Off-set zipper keeps abrasion away from your face when zipped up
  • Tight scuba-shaped hood to keep wind out
  • Set your ponytail free from your hood!
  • Cuffins with thumbhole for cold fingers!
  • Secure back pocket for your belongings
  • Long length hem that won't ride up or stretch out
  • Reflective for 360° of visibility
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • Price: $118


Bright Blue

Fruity Tootie


Anonymous said...

Love mine too! And the detailing..I have it in bright blue..I wish I had gotten a second one as well. I've had it since 2008 (pretty sure...) and no signs of pilling :)

Anonymous said...

See, that pullover is beautiful!

Lulu is making me so disappointed! I live about 5 hours from a store but I'm visiting my mom in a city with a store so I went to do a MAJOR try on. I didn't even end up trying on half of what I though I would because the material looked or design looked so cheap.

In the past, I remember waking into Lulu and trying to walk out without buying something. It was impossible, because every time you put something on, it was like "wow! That looks/ fits SO well!" Now, I walked in really truly TRYING to buy something, and walked out with nothing.

I love the look of the coco piqué wunder unders (I think. They looked like that but felt like regular Luon. Maybe a new colour, I don't know name....). Anyway, they had the WORST fit of any WU I've ever tried. Forgot the triangle gusset, something major has changed in the rise. The back seems several inches lower. It does not curve up over your bum and hug your body. Front seems lower too, and seam through legs tighter, so I had MAJOR camel toe. And it wasn't just the gusset. I have other triangle (and diamond) gusset pairs.

It was so weird though. The fit on these was SO off, so wrong, and yet I stood there tugging them around trying to make them fit and almost bought anyway!!! It's like I couldn't convince myself that they actually fit badly! But they did! They looked bad!

Anonymous said...

Try on reviews cont'd

New free to be bras: have scratchy mesh at front and straps where soft circle mesh used to be.

Run: U-turn pullovers: are actually cute, and soft...piqué is nice and so are solid colours, but they are way to short for me (at the sides).

Same with Ice queen pullover. Nice, but sides too short.

Bold in the cold pants: I actually did not even try because the soft shell material felt so weird. Cheap. And like every single dog hair would stick to it. I have bothe the run: outward bound pants (version from 2 years ago) and the run: free pants (last years) and on both of those the softshell feels totally different.

Draft dodger jacket: same complaint as above about the weird feeling softshell fabric. Also thought the jacket looked quite cheap, maybe partly just the colours...tried it, thought neck fit weird (even though I like asymmetric zip)

Merino stuff - did not even try as quality looks poor too me (compared to icebreaker, Smartwool, etc)

Run: bold in cold pullover. This tempted me. Soft and cozy, and I actually thoughtt the front seam and cut were flattering. .to me this would be great for lounging/après, but is not technical wear - if it's cold enough to run in fleece, I don't want a draft from the loose swingy bottom, and I need more warmth at my neck! If its for lounging, I don't need weird plasticky feeling lace at the back, nor can I pay $128 ( a high priced technical piece).

Re: tech fleece tights - I wear mine to run up to -10 C. Yep my butt and thighs get cold, but overall I'm hot so it's ok. Ideally, I'd take the tights ( I have last years) and add down patches to the front of the thighs and the rear, similar to the ice queen pullover but on tights.

I feel like lulu used to be fashion plus function, and now they're neither!!!

Anonymous said...

showing the Spirit Pullover next to all of this new run stuff is just mean!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. the run spirit crops are a stand out favourite of mine, as well.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the fit on the Cocoa Piqué WU. I had to return mine because the fit was awful in the crotch area. Like you said, it was not even a gusset issue. It was just so strange and sad because I loved the look of the print:(

Anonymous said...

I owned this in two colors and sold both! :)

Anonymous said...

I have that Spirit pullover in the antidote color (it's a bright greenish yellow), and I love it. It's great for being visible in low-light winter running. The details are super thoughtful, and the construction is bar none. This is sad, but I love the "vintage" Lulu posts...remind us of the good old days. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh that top is so pretty.

I miss old Lulu.

Anonymous said...

Haha, agree with @11:22PM - you can definitely see the differences between the old Lulu and today's. Sad face.

Sophia said...

You just need a hot cheeks skirt!

sophia said...

It looks nice - though I'm not a fan of the over-the-bust seam...i don't think it's the most flattering. I have a power puple tech fleec run pullover from 2010 that I LOVE. don't remember the name, but I remember it was an allusion to mountain climbing (I'm a climber so that stood out in my mind). half-zip, cuffins, circle mesh, rulu, tech fleece, back zip pocket, front kangaroo pockey with mini key pocket, hood with ponytail hole....all those awesome details i loved lulu for (and was willing to shell out the money). so sad. :( glad i bought it at the time though!

Anonymous said...

I disagree about the Bold in the Cold pants -- I got mine in the mail not expecting to like them, but the first thing I noticed when I unwrapped them was how wonderfully soft they were, even the softshell fabric. I don't know much about softshell, but I really like how these pants fit and felt (soft inside and outside). Not sure if "soft" softshell equates to "cheap," but these felt pretty high quality to me.

Puffed said...

I bought something super similar to the Spirit Pullover last year in what I think was Paris Pink? Same design but a fuscia pink. No writing on the back and no colour blocking. Not sure what it's called though. Get compliments everytime I pull it on to go for a cold run in the winter. Brightens my day!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a very long comment to lulu the other day about all my grievances. The strange hemlines- nothing w/ the body mapping fit w/ their famouse cuts that flatter the figure anywhere? The shorter cuts of alot of items- the sheer materials for legging etc. O- and the strange colorations no respectable woman will be caught dead in! I love this older pulloever you got on ebay i'd buy that too. Last year i spent a ton at lulu, this year not. I would really like to hear from a corporate head as to whats really going on- wishful thinking i know.

Anonymous said...

Only thing is if they do bring it back the price will probably be $150!

Anonymous said...

Luluaddict, I just picked up a simillar hoodie at a consignment store. My hoddie has the same material, the same reflective birds and detailing but the closure is a half zip directly down the middle of the hoodie. Can you (or anyone else) tell me the name of the hoodie?


Anonymous said...

Nice one LLA, that is a nice pullover. I was not familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

My fruity tootie spirit po is my prized possesion. I adore it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Lulu is really a Joke. I live in an area where it is not well known. The stuff used to be cute and functional. now just plain ugly. People, would you honestly wear any of this without the LULU name???

Like if was just a no name brand. where I live it is almost no name and I would feel ridiculous wearing most of the new clothes

Pink Peony 4 said...

I have one in Lolo purple. I swear I remember them spelling it this way. It's really pretty. I use mine a lot. I don't know the point in buying these newly released items. It's just been one disappointment after another. Although I don't mind another gratitude wrap and I'm really liking the DHBH pullover. I guess it sold out but I bought both colors so I'm happy for now.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I know and I actually think its cute, but I think I'd get laughed out of town for wearing it! I live in a small mountain community that is function over fashion. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be wearing a bunch of trendy new stuff while the old guy next to me runs 2minutes per mike faster, in his 15 year old Patagonia coat!

Anonymous said...

Probably the pants are still great - its just the other previous versions were just as soft inside but felt more functional/technicall outside. The best way I can think of to describe it is if you took a cotton ball and rubbed it on the softshell part. On the old pants it would just slide past, on the new ones a pile of white lint would stick to the softshell part. That's just how they felt to me!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:32 pm - I think lulu still makes a lot of functional stuff for running. I love their run crops with the back zipper pockets and gel pockets in the front. I've looked at other running brands in the stores and they don't have as many pockets or a zip pocket. Of course if you want compression you're going to get something like CW-X. Lulu's run hats are great because they put a zipper on top and that is where I have stashed my car key before. I love all the Swiftly tops for running and the silver really works to suppress odor. I don't care for the U-turn pullover this year but past year's pullovers have come with cuffins, thumbholes, reflectivity, and a zipper pocket so I think they are feature loaded. I haven't bought a new lulu run jacket in years but mine has cuffins, an ipod cord tunnel, a back zipper pocket, and venting in the back and front - totally feature loaded. Also, except for this fall, they usually make pretty cute things for running.

If you are talking about getting a really durable goretex jacket for something like hiking, then lululemon isn't your company but I think as far as making breathable, functional items for running they still have lots of of stuff that works better, fit better, is softer, and (usually) looks better than their competition. Most of their competition has if not all polyester content in their clothes.