Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chevron Speed Shorts and More

Striking Chevron Striped Speed Shorts. Shown with the Beaming Blue Cool Racerback and Shell Pink Scuba Stretch.

More of the latest skirts and shorts.

New Shell Pink Strike Tights. Shell Pink is a bit more neon in person.

PS - Speculation is there will be an upload of some new items tonight.


Anonymous said...

Chevron Speed Shorts, yikes what a bad idea. I like that print but that's just a bad look. If using chevron, LL needs to keep the bottom a solid color (both sides, not one side!) and do the waistband in the chevron, even a smaller chevron. Then I'd buy them in a second.

I don't struggle over the new Scuba Stretch at all, no matter how pretty some of them may look. I just don't like the new version so I just ignore them and will not be buying any.

Anonymous said...

@ LLA: Is the b&w striped Scuba new? I don't see it online.

Anonymous said...

The chevron speed shorts are whack. I can see wearing those to the mermaid parade in Coney island.


susie wood said...

I can't find the black & white speed shorts?!! I need size 4!
How do I order them???