Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Burning Yellow Compared to Mac N Cheese and Creamsicle Pop

Clarity Yellow Ribbed Cool Racerback Left and new Burning Yellow CRB, right
Some awesome comparison photos from Ms. T - From top to bottom - Clarity Yellow, Mac N Cheese Yellow, Burning Yellow, and Creamsicle Pop. I'm kind of shocked how orange Burning Yellow is because when you see it on it's own in photos it looks yellow. If I come across a comparison of Burning Yellow to Tang Light I will post it.

As a reminder her is Creamsicle Pop and Pop Orange. Left to right: Flare, Creamsicle Pop, Pop Orange.


Anonymous said...

I meant to write the other day that I received my Burning yellow CRB (Aus) last week and would consider it light orange... not yellow! Its just a lighter version of Creamsicle Pop... and the new mint color is like a light Menthol.
Also the Not So Basic Tee is really big so size down in that one :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the burning yellow/inkwell speed shorts and I'm going to send them back. The yellow looks very pretty online, but in person it looks more oranage (and I didn't like those two colors together when I saw the shorts in person rather than online).

Anonymous said...

I like the burning yellow. it looks more ochre than the others. Like a sunflower. I think if they come out with a heathered version of the CRB I will get one. it's a nice happy color.
Thank you for the comparisons.


Anonymous said...

So glad for this comparison. Now I know not to order the crb since I already have the creamsicle pop crb. Too close for my taste.