Monday, December 31, 2012

New Jacket Design?

Sharp-eyed readers have commented they think this jacket in the Do It Up Duffel photos is new. I agree. It looks to me like a Scuba-type design but in luon, brushed luxtreme, or what I think is more likely, soft-shell material. Whichever, it looks very promising.

Update - a reader says this is the Uba Hoodie Lux, which it does look a lot like except this doesn't have the white panels down the sides and under the arms. It could be bad lightening that makes it look all one color. I guess we will find out.

Today's Shopping Trip and Photos of the Latest

Cinch on the back of the collar

Discrete black on black logo
I prefer the jacket with the collar down.
Some photos of the new Pump It Up Jacket and Root Chakra Pant. I tried both these on today. I (very unexpectedly) came home with the Black Pump It Up. It also comes in solid Light Flare, solid Mint Moment, and Polar Haze/Black (my store didn't have the Mint or Polar Haze). I'm going to play with it tomorrow and take a look at it in the daylight in my home mirrors before I take the tags off, though.  I'm a bit overspent for this month and I don't really "need" it but I really like the big collar and it was soooo comfy. I can see using this as more than a to and from jacket and actually exercising in it. It's made of brushed luxtreme and is very soft inside. The upper portion is very roomy and would be ideal for busty women, those with muscular arms or wider shoulders. It also hides a poochy tummy well, too.  It's so roomy through the upper chest I think I could run in it. The bottom hem is curved and it covered the top half of my rear. There are no thumbholes or cuffins in this jacket. People have said the Pump It reminds them of the Rest Day Pullover except in a jacket form. That's probably a good analogy except the arms are roomier. Fit is probably on the large side. If you are hippy you might want to stay with your TTS because it snugs up in that area. The jacket reminds me of a Stride or Daily Yoga when it hangs open. All in all, a nice jacket that the current batch of photos is not doing justice to.

Run: Rest Day Pullover

Root Chakra pant in Polar Haze
I also tried on the Root Chakra pant in the Spring Has Sprung Multi Print. I can't say I like the print but I really liked the feel of a pant with a luxtreme front and luon rear. These pants hit me right about my ankle. I think they were $92. I thought the fit was a large TTS, perhaps because luxtreme feels stretchier than luon.

I tried on the Right Round pant in solid black. I thought they were very comfortable but probably fit a size big. I am not a fan of the tuxedo stripe down the side of the leg but if they go on markdown I would think about getting them. I think they are a nice warm up/cover up pant.

Pump It Up Tank and Root Chakra Pant
The bra in the Pump It Up Tank

The Pump It Up tank is a decent tank. It actually reminds me a lot of the 105F Singlet but with a little more coverage in the armholes and back.The bra is comfy and fits TTS. The straps are a bit wider than a Flow Y. This tank is long. My TTS covered my rear in back. Since I already have a couple of 105F Singlets and Energy bras I can make this look but overall I don't think anything is wrong with it. I think I would like the option to buy the covering tank and forgo the bra portion since I am fairly picky about my bras.

The Work It Out tank didn't really wow me. It's an ok tank but nothing stands out about it. It was comfortable enough and it fits a snug TTS.

Not So Basic Tee and Pump It Up Shorts
Technicool LS with the Pump It Up tank Bra and shorts
I tried on both the Technicool Ls and Not So Basic Tee. I'm not sure why the tee goes up to a twelve and the LS stops at a ten. The tee runs large so you could easily size down in it. The LS runs more TTS. I really dislike that the LS is so short. I wouldn't mind a oversized LS top for a coverup. I thought the black Technicool LS felt a little itchy but the silver and flare tees were nice and soft. I think the tee is a nice idea but a little on the dull side. If I can pick this up on markdown I might get one but for now it's a pass. I have a ton of short sleeve silverescent technical tops.

I thought the Cardio Kick bra was fairly comfortable. It scoops a bit lower than I like so I was kind of spilling over the top a little and it gave me a bit of "boob muffin". I also thought the band fit a bit snugger than the Energy Bra. All in all not a bad bra but not for the super busty. If I had to choose I'd rather get an All Sport but if you aren't too busty definitely check this bra out. I'd say fit is a snug TTS.


New stuff on the website was uploaded to the website about forty-five minutes ago. The only thing I am tempted by is the Burning Yellow Swiflty tank (where is the Pink Shell Swiftly SL, btw?). Did you notice the new "silver luon" bangbuster that is $18, as opposed to $14 for the regular luon bangbuster? 28+% more for whatever tiny amount of silver that is in a headband? Seems a bit outrageous so it's a good thing I don't care for Mint Moment. I think everything else I need to try on in the store.

Did you all order anything?

2012 in Review: Part 3 - The Good

1. The Sea Wheeze - I know it was my first half marathon but it was freaking-A fun. Gorgeous route, great weather, well-supported, lots of entertainment, bright colors and beautiful clothes. If you run and are looking for a great destination race, go to the 2013 Sea Wheeze.

Silver Luon Flow Y

2. Fabric Technology - Lululemon may be faltering lately but their fabric technology is out in front of the great majority of their competitors who seem to be wedded to 100% polyester content. The fabrics may be on the delicate side but I don't think you can beat lululemon when it comes to breathability and the odor suppression of silver is awesome.

3. My Favorite New Items for 2012:

Ebb and Flow crops - a great example of fabric technology. An instant hit when they were introduced. Many people are looking forward to seeing them again.

Every Yogi LS, SS, and Tank - Oh, how I loved you. Why did you leave us so soon? Man, I really hope these make a comeback.

Bangbuster headband- an instant hit. I have fourteen of these now. Love!

Swiftly headbands - lightweight and grippy. Another great headband that came out this year. I bought a bunch of these, too, this year.

Wee Are From Space Excel Crops
Wee Space Print in Run Crops - Print run crops are hot right now and lululemon joined the competition with a vengeance this year. I love the Wee Space print - it hides sweat marks, thigh imperfections, and  visually slims legs and behinds.

Ta Ta Tamer Update - The Ta Ta Tamer was changed for the better. The cup shape changed to a cat eye (the other used to look like I had coconut shells strapped to my chest), there are now four rows of hooks in the back instead of three, straps are a tiny bit longer/have more stretch so it's easier to cross them. All-in-all a great update.

Run in the Sun LS - Now that it's cooler out I've been wearing this top a lot more for my training runs and I've come to prefer it to my long sleeve Swiftly tops. It's longer and it doesn't ride up. The sleeves also push up nicely unlike the Swiftlys which are wicked tight on the forearms. I hope we see these again next summer.

Namaste Tank - Lululemon has come out with various halter tanks over the years but this is the first that worked for me where I wasn't spilling out of the sides. The design is flattering to many shapes, too. I hope we see this tank again next year.

105F Singlet - One of my favorite purchases of this year. Super lightweight, comfy and great for hot weather and hot workouts. It looks great with an Energy Bra underneath. I prefer the ones with the scalloped edge detail. I hope to see these come back next summer.

Some Like It Hot Tank - This didn't work for me but looks awesome on the right shape. A unique and cute tank.

Bright At Night Shorts - I saw lots of these at the Disneyland Half Marathon. They're a hit for runners who like more coverage than Speed Shorts offer.

Right Round Tank - I know they didn't sell super well (I think because of poor color choices) but I love the Right Round Tank. I've used it for both spin and running and find it comfortable and cool. It has a very classic but flattering silhouette. I love the mesh chest, armpit, and back areas. I hope lululemon explores using mesh more.

Hot Cheeks Skirt - These have become a sought-after item for cold weather runners. I know my sister had me pick her up a couple when her store sold out. She loves them.

Alberta Lake and Bordeaux Drama - Two beautiful colors that came out at the end of the summer. I don't think we got enough tops in solid Alberta Lake so I hope we see a curtain call of this color next year.

What goes on your personal best lists for this year?

2012 In Review: Part 2 - The Bad

1. Amuse Me Pant - no words needed

2. Ride in the Rain Jacket - $298 to look like a human pylon

3. Zippy Run Tank - armpit fat city

4. Sun Runner Hybrid - fish gills

5. Hot Spell One Piece - a bit too sexy for most lulu fans and makes models look hippy

6. Calm SS Tee - lingering in the WMTM section

7. Full Stride Skirt - flattens everyone's ass

8. 3X a Lady

9. Intuition Wrap - armholes at your knees

10. Please Me Pullover

What would you put on your personal Worst List?