Thursday, November 15, 2012

What the Fluff Pullover, Down to the Studio Jacket, and More

The Clarity What the Fluff Pullover.

Two more Down to the Studio Jacket photos.

 Clarity Back on Track Tank with Limitless Runder Under Tights.

What the Fluff Vest in Limitless Blue/Polar Cream and What the Fluff Headband

New Cross Town Bag for the men.


Anonymous said...

Ugh just yuck! To think last year we had the uber cute back on track jacket or the hustle jacket!

Wish they would come out with wraps and more rulu scarves!

Ching-a-ling said...

I hope we get the WTF PO in So Cal. I love down jackets. The other one is just NOT flattering...looks like an over stuffed trashbag. btw, Santa Monica is pretty much sold out of the new chevron print bag...just one left on the mannequin. Everytime I go in, someone is buying up one of those bags.

LuluAddict said...

@ chingaling - south coast plaza is supposed to be the cold store for SoCal. They are supposed to get the cold weather gear for our area. Give them a call.

Anonymous said...

If you're thinking of buying the Run: Track Time crop, beware. I just ran in mine for the first time and posting this review:
November 15, 2012
I bought these crops just a couple of days ago at a store, and today they're on sale. Boo. But that's not my problem.
I washed, hung to dry and wore tonight on a run. The crops pretty much ruined my run. You know when you're about 3 blocks into your run and you know that something you're wearing just isn't going to work? That was me tonight, and that thing was these crops. Right out of the gate the crotch started sagging and the fabric lost its compression. The waist stayed put, but everything else felt droopy. The more I ran, the more shape they lost. There is almost no compression benefit to these crops, and I spent all 5 miles yanking on the fronts of the thighs to get the crotch back up. I bought these in my regular size 4, and they were very snug in the dressing room, but clearly the fabric didn't hold up. I'm so disappointed. I also feel like the gusset is set farther back in these crops than in the Inspires.
Lulu- your return policy is so strict that your customers expect you to be super buttoned up about consistency and performance quality. These crops are made of Luxtreme fabric I've run in for years (Inspires), and yet the "Luxtreme" fabric in these crops is nothing like the other batches I've worn. And yet here I am with a pair of crops that have completely let me down, which I had no way of knowing until I actually ran in them. This sucks, and I'm so disappointed. I used to be one of your biggest fans, and now I feel like I can't buy anything. The Luon crops are sheer and the gusset is way too far back, the seams on my jackets unravel, and now the Luxtreme is different. I hope you guys can figure out how to get things back on track, because I'm done until you do. I've just had bad experience after bad experience, and now I'm stuck with a pair of crops I just paid $100 bucks for that I can't run in.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Is the WTF pullover available in stores but not online? I would love to get one. I missed out on these designs last year and have regretted it ever since.

LuluAddict said...

@anon 6:31 pm - That's the first time I've ever heard of luxtreme crops losing compression. Take them back to the store and demand a refund. If you want a new style to try I love the Run For Your life crops a lot.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:04 pm - the WTF line will probably be uploaded on Monday night

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the Run For Your Life crop for anyone looking for a luxtreme crop. I have a couple pairs and I've used them for a lot of different activites without any problems.

I hope the store will take care of you with the ones that didn't work.

Anonymous said...

@luluAddict- do you think the store will go for a refund?
I've never had luck getting them to take anything back. You are expert and so if you think it is doable I will try!!
Yeah, I have tons of Luxtreme and I've never had an experience like this before. It was really uncomfortable!! Thanks for the help. :)

LuluAddict said...

I think it can't hurt to ask.

Anonymous said...

Further to the quality issues raised by Anon 6:31, I'm not on Facebook so I can't leave my comments there (but encourage those who are on FB to leave quality complaints on LLL's FB site as well as the product reviews online), so I will share my thoughts here. I was browsing the LLL site and noticed the Discover crops in WMTM. Almost every single review on the first page is a negative quality comment about the stitching coming undone. Why doesn't LLL pull this product from the website and not sell it. They should return the product to the manufacturer. LLL is damaging their reputation by leaving such poor quality items listed for sale - especially when they know there is a problem.

Similarly, the DS crop (white colour, but perhaps others) has a problem with plastic wire poking out of the waistband. I have returned two pairs with this problem. One pair purchased online the other from a store. So the issue is wide spread. I just checked the reviews on these crops and the negative reports are still pouring in. Again why doesn't LLL pull this product. There is a known manufacturing defect yet they continue to sell the product. That practice damages their reputation. The reputational loss is far greater and longer term than losing a few bucks on pulling a defective product. LLL has lost sight of the future of the company for short-term growth and sales.

Anon 6:31 - I agree with LLA. Take those crops back. We all have to push back if there are quality problems and make LLL stand behind their products. Go girl.

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck in getting your negative review posted and then actually getting it to be kept up. I, along with others, have been shocked to discover that negative reviews of the scuba*stretch get taken down a few days after they are finally approved -- if the GEC approves their posting at all. I have screen prints and email exchanges with GEC to prove it.

Here's an excerpt from an email that my sister received after waiting 4 days for GEC to explain to her why they deleted her 1-star review (after it was approved and up for a day or so):

"Thanks for reaching out to us. . . .I took a look at your review and it's odd to us that we approved your review and then it was removed. I have gone ahead and approved the review again as you mentioned you had tried on the Raspberry Glo Light colour. I apologize for the delayed response to your email and I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us. If there are any other questions we can help answer, don't hesitate to reach out. ~ Siya"

I had the same thing happen to my review, too. I had to call the GEC about it. If you notice in the comments of other reviews a few pages back, a number of others are noticing the same thing --- they wonder where their negative reviews went. I can't imagine many people are diligent about following up to make sure that their negative review remains counted.

So, sadly, in my opinion, lulu only appears to pretend that they're interested in feedback. Based on my recent experience, I fear they are absolutely and intentionally inflating the stats for some of their cheapened redesigns of the classics. (And, even then, the stats suck!)

macfrannie said...

@ anon 6:31pm (the lost compression issue) try posting your discontent on the LLL facebook page as well. The GECs that respond on that board can get involved and may help you where the folks at the store won't or they may be able to "encourage" the store people to help you. The FB LLL GECs do seem to try to help and they do follow the LLL policies where in the store it can be hit or miss depending on the day and who you speak with. Good luck! I look forward to a follow up post about how things go.

Anonymous said...

I work at a store and would 100% take back the crops in question. It makes me sad that other stores won't. It is one thing if you bought them too big for you and are having regrets, but a completely different situation if the product isn't performing. That wouldn't fly at my store...

Anonymous said...

6:31 I think that posting on LLA's blog is also a very good thing and I also agree that you should at least give a try at returning the crops that obviously were not properly designed, and now are on the sale rack.
I always come here to get ideas of what is good to get from Lulu especially the crops, the run for your life as well as the inspires and the fast and free work the best for me in terms of running and other activities.

It is unbelievable how a company that claims to produce high end products treats us like this, it is unacceptable.