Monday, November 19, 2012

Toasty Tech Tights, Laceoflage Free to Be Tank, Hot Cheeks Skirt, and More

Shown with the new Love Red Free to Be tank.
The new fleece Toasty Tech Tights.

Shown with the new high waisted Wunder Under pants.
The new Lacoflage print Free to Be Tank.

 The high waisted Wunder Under Pants come in Herringbone.

 The Hot Cheeks Love Red skirt.

 More of the new print Swiftly SS top.

 The new Take Me With You Tote. Shown with the What the Fluff Pullover.

What the Fluff Hat and Pullover in Polar Cream.

The Alberta Lake Pitter Patter Pullover

 Back on Track Tank with the new Limitless Blue Groove pants.

The Love Red What the Fluff Jacket.

Another photo of the high waisted Wunder Under Pants in Limitless Blue.


Neph said...

Darn I wish I had the high-waisted herringbone WUs. I bet they feel so cozy and hold you in...

Anonymous said...

Is that a every yogi ls in alberta lake and a grey in the top photos?

Anonymous said...

I guess those wup are limitless blue not a darker blue.. Sad, I really liked the shade I'm the other pictures, more saturated.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the yellow fluff pullover on her! And that bag is so cute, the colors are perfect!

Rats! Both of those items are much too expensive for me to justify :(

I'm also loving that swiftly print, though. Wonder what it looks like from the front. I hope its plain-ish. I don't really what flower swirlies across my boobies.

Anonymous said...

The toasty tech tights are so ugly! What's with the checkered pattern? All of that detailing on the sides will just makes our hips look huge! Really bad placement. Damn

Anonymous said...

I picked up the Toasty tech pants tonight. I am usually a 4 or 6. I got them in the 6. I don't think these would work for tall people. I am 5 feet 3 inches and there is very little excess fabric at my ankle.
I tried on the Pitter Patter pullover. It is super cute on but it's not with $158 to me.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:02 pm - that's the Alberta Lake Pitter Patter Pullover

Anonymous said...

Definitely not $158 cute...

Anonymous said...

Lululemon has been losing me lately. I haven't bought anything in a couple months (or longer) and even though I stalk them I can't find anything I like. Their colors are now repetitive. Their designs are trying too hard to be creative. Their quality is inconsistent. They are becoming a cliche. I wasn't sure how long they could keep up their hot streak but it seems like the company is struggling for ideas. I used to purchase something new every week. If I had to could give the company advice I would suggest:
1)Stop reissuing the same color over and over with a different name with a slightly different shade three months later.
2) Stop following the color predictive model for the seasons. The color palette always matches all the other mainstream retail stores. If you must follow the trend, invent a brand new texture and make it unexpected.
3) Get back to doing the basics well: high quality fabrics, clean lines on designs, durable technical seams, modern designs
4) The patterns have been stale. It's time to get a new perspective on stripes, plaids, black/white prints, abstract color splatters--you name it.
5) In summary, be more innovative with color/textures/patterns and tone down the overly detailed, overly style-ized, overly niched designs with high price points that always get reduced.

I would like to see:
New t-shirt designs made with luon
New textured plaid fabrics with woven color
More pull-overs-not too boxy
More clean-lined pants that are not tight in cool fabrics

Anonymous said...

ok, i really like that love red free to be tank! why wasn't it uploaded today!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Everything in star runner is on mark down and they have a clarity yellow NLT in stores

Anonymous said...

Echoing the dislike for the way too busy toasty tech we really need a checker board design on the sides of our thighs. Would've been near perfect without it. Ugly.

Anonymous said...

The free to be tank with the floral pattern is really nice and can be worn with most of the crazy colors lulu has been putting out lately.
I have n ever liked the fall and winter stuff from lulu.


HPSauce said...

Ha ha ha... I must be the only one liking the Toasty Techs... Lol I want them for snowboarding. I actually think the rise is perfect to keep my lower back warm when sitting on the hill strapping in, and I like the red pattern on the sides. I like the yellow waistband better, but prefer the more subtle red as opposed to the bright pattern on them. Does anyone know how warm they are?

Anonymous said...

I actually don't like that printed SS swiftly at all! I like the two toned neutral colors on it a lot, but the floral pattern/placement kind of looks like a bad tattooed set of angel wings... maybe i'll eat my words as more photos pop up but so far i'm not loving that detail. Everything else is ugly and I don't do any outside running so can't appreciate any of this new stuff even if i wanted to!