Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NEW Laceoflage Back on Track Tank, Beaming Blue Vinyasa, Strike Tight, and More

Cute new Laceoflage and black Back on Track Tank.

The new Beaming Blue stripe Vinyasa scarf.

 Love Red Slub Denim Daily Yoga Jacket, Take Me With You Tote, and Beaming Blue Vinyasa.

 Limitless Blue Cool Racerback. Has anyone seen this in a US store yet?

 The new Strike Tight with the Limitless Blue No Limit Tank.

The caption said this was a Coal and Black striped Power Y. Looking at the photo I'm thinking maybe more like Silver Slate and Black but I'll update when I find out for sure.

Shown with Groove pants in Limitless Blue. Check out the shower cube size relative to the tote.

The Laceoflage Free to Be Tank. I saw this yesterday. The background is an off-white, maybe Polar Cream and the print is very pretty. The store didn't have my size otherwise I would have tried it on.

The latest No Limit Tank colors.

More Shower cube photos.

More Hot Cheeks photos. Shown with Run For Your Life Crops.


Anonymous said...

They had the Coal/Black Striped bang busters at SCP last weekend. It was lighter than coal though and I don't actually think it was black either, both stripes appeared to be some version of grey

Anonymous said...

Heads up! Nike has running gloves with the sensor pads on the thumb, when I asked about washing them and the sensory pads not working like lululemon they said semd it back (with receipt) stuff like that shouldn't happen after washing...

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a fan of the back on track tank, but it looks cute with the laceoflage. The print isn't overwhelming on it, just the right amount.

The hot cheeks skirt in the cream looks like a small towel wrapped around her waist.

Loving the black/white stripe NLT. Me and white tops don't usually mix though, I can't seem to keep them bright enough over time.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone be able to report on whether the beaming blue is made of Rulu not luon light? (assuming it is, as the black mini check is...)

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

If it's warm enough to wear crops, why are you wearing down skirts and mitts? Sheesh! I actually think the skirt is supercute, but some of these pics are so unrealistic! I run in cold temps and still barely run in a down jacket - but I definitely have full length rights on!

Lana said...

The limitless blue NLT is much more washed-out in person. Not vibrant. Didn't float my boat.

The Laceoflage Free to Be is nice, bought it without trying it on after having them find me a size six from the back and ended up with one with wonky pattern placement. Going to return it and wait as I am not really a pattern person, I think I was just desperate to buy SOMETHING.

A limitless blue regular scuba would really make my day but we all know that isn't going to happen. I swear the scuba stretch versions are made for teenagers. And they are NOT moving in my store. Whereas the old Scubas would constantly sell out (I drove 5 hours RT through LA traffic for my Milky Way scuba) these are all fully stocked and not going anywhere.

Their 4th quarter earnings report will be VERY interesting.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:46 m - just from looking at the photo you can tell the scarf is a pique or rulu vinyasa.

@ Lana - yes, the 4th quarter sales will be interesting. Based on the photos of the stuff that is coming out the last day or two I think there is some decent stuff in the pipeline for Dec - the patterned Swiftly, the pique WU pants, etc. True about the Scubas not selling very well. I think the Alberta Lake Rose print has been the best selling one to date and I am seeing a few in each store I've been to so they haven't sold out by any means.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:42 pm - I can't keep my whites from getting a stain. I do much better with creams/ivories. I've bought a few white tops over the years and I always ending up selling them.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:46 and LLA, I bought the beaming blue vinyasa yesterday at my local store and am wearing it now. It is super soft rulu and absolutely wonderful! It is my favorite of any of the vinyasa I own.

If you have blue eyes I think this scarf is a must buy! My eyes look so blue with the beautiful scarf on!

Anonymous said...

I think the Wee Space Clarity Yellow Scuba Stretch also sold well. It seems to be gone from the US site. I had ordered one and loved the color but had to return it due to the shortness and the hood being ridiculously tiny. I would really love if they made something else in that print.

Sandra said...

Today I found out that I may have left my black (heathered black) vinyasa scarf in a restaurant 4 days ago and I was super upset... My husband went to the lululemon website to replace it but of course I knew they wouldn't have it... Then he went to ebay and found one for $125!!!! How does a $48 scarf sell for $125 on ebay?! That's just insane! I wonder if the beaming blue will work as a replacement for me... I loved the versatility of the black :(

Anonymous said...

Yes of course, let's throw on a hot cheeks down skirt, down vest, ear warmer and down gloves BUT go out in crops! Ridiculous. If I'm able to wear crops in the fall and have bare calves, I definitely don't need all that other stuff! Yes you could need a jacket and light gloves, maybe a hat, but not all this down filled stuff. And if your geared up like that for true winter conditions/temps, you would definitely have on a full length pant/tight!

Anonymous said...

Thank you LuluAddict for all the work you put into the blog!!! I have to say, I don't take the photos too literally. These women are just trying to show the clothes on a person, which I appreciate. Just pretend they have long tights on!

I tried on in store and loved the down running skirt in black. Red is not for me, and I too think the cream looks diaper ish. I do run outside in cold temps, but bought this more for walking around the city with cute wunder unders and jacket.

I am a 4 in all pants, but a 6 in the speed shorts as I don't like my running shorts tight at all. I bought a 6 in this and think its a good size ith the look I am going for. I am 5'4 120 lbs, very muscular, wear sz 27 jean.