Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Fluff Stuff

Laceoflage print Free to Be tank, Sparkly Black Swan Wunder Unders, Daily Yoga jacket, and Headstand Hugger headband.

Clarity Yellow What the Fluff Vest and Ice Queen Pant

WTF Pullover


What the Fluff Jacket detail photos and Pullover.

What the Fluff scarf

 Pitter Patter Pullover details

 Polar Cream Studio Pants

What the Fluff Jacket, Vest, Pullover, and Mittens


Minda said...

glorified oven mitts and giant wtf garbage bag scarf. lol. pretty navy colored? long leggings on top pic!!!

Eric said...

You might as well buy oven mitts for $1 instead of those mittens.

Anonymous said...

The headband is awesome I just got it in black, and it stays put I wore it to yoga and then I did a tough kettlebell workout and it stayed in place and kept my hair out of my face.
The floral FTB tank is very pretty I will get it if it is uploaded.