Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love No Limit, Pleasing Pant, and New Shorts

Photos of the new Love Red No Limit Tank. I should get my Love Red Cool Racerback tomorrow. I am curious to see how it compares to Tango Red.

Shown with the Clarity Slope Stripe Power Y
Shown with the Daily Yoga Jacket

Shown with the Devotion SS

Shown with the Devotion LS

Shown with the Devotion SS
Photos of the new Pleasing Pant.

Wee Space Love print Groovy Run Shorts (tops) and Love Red/Deep Coal Speed shorts.


Anonymous said...

Holy cameltoe on the pleasing pant. Every pic!

Anonymous said...

Loving that red.

Has anyone else been spammed by store/showroom product emails today that they haven't signed up for? I've signed up for some of my own nearby ages ago, but today I'm receiving emails for stores I've never been to (or near, or heard of).

I know I can unsubscribe, but what is going on with our info? Emailed GEC.

Anonymous said...

Not loving the Pleasing pant. They look comfy but are not particularly flattering. The zippered bottom looks kind of dorky in my opinion. I saw them on a couple of girls at Lulu who have great figures but pants did nothing for them...they just looked like cheap, slim leg sweat pants. Also noticed the draw string is like a shoe lace. I like Tea Lounge pant much better - although drawstring had the same thick shoe lace fabric. Hate to be negative it's just that Lulu has many more comfy, flattering options...

Pink Peony 4 said...

The pleasing pant looks awkward. It makes these people look squatty and I have yet to find one pleasing enough picture to even consider trying it on. I refuse to buy sweat pants for the price tag. It's just unflattering on these people although I can see this working on the super skinny and tall --- what can't they wear after all? Pass for me.

Anonymous said...

Whiskers only look cute on animals, not on shorts. Size up please.

Anonymous said...

holy camel toe!!!! YIKES!! :(

sophia said...

@anon 1:02 - it's probably not that she needs to size up, but that that particular style of shorts just doesn't work on her. those shorts fit her perfectly in the waist...but the leg cut on those shorts is really narrow, and she would probably just do better with a short that has a wider leg cut. it's not always about "sizing up"