Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laceoflage Scuba, Silver Grooves, Steadfast Crops, and More

The new Laceoflage print Scuba Stretch hoodie. I just love the hoodie in this print. I know I won't be able to keep the cuffs clean, though.

Laceoflage Scuba Stretch and Silver Luon Groove pants.

Good view of the front

With the White/Polar Cream Forme Jacket
Lots of Steadfast Crop photos.

 The Beaming Blue Power Y

 Black/Silver Slate Striped Power Y

 Pretty Laceoflage Groove Pants.

The new White/Polar Cream FormeJacket and Steadfast Crop

More Beaming Blue Daily Yoga Jacket

 Beaming Blue Laceoflage Free to Be tank and Clarity Boogie Shorts.

 Beaming Blue Forme Jacket.

Black and White Striped No Limit Tank and Beaming Blue Reversible Wunder Unders


Amanda said...

What's the difference between silver luon and regular luon?

OT - I went to the South Coast Plaza location today, and there was no markdown rack! The educator said that they "ran out" from Black Friday...

Anonymous said...

Considering the grooves. what do you think of the new grooves compared to the old? Compared to Astros?

Anonymous said...

The White Forme jacket with beige shoulders and forearms is so stupid! This is like the nail in the coffin for this jacket - ain't no saving it! At least it looked "normal" in the solid Beeming Blue color, but this is ridic!

Colorblocking for the Roll Down Shorts makes sense like this, unlike on the Speed shorts where it is one color on the front and another on the back.

Thanks LLA for always being on top of the news!

LuluAddict said...

@ Amanda - that is funny. I was at South Coast Plaza on Sunday and they had a bunch of stuff still around. They had done another round of markdowns since Black Friday. I think they put the racks away. My husband was out in Palm Springs today and they didn't have a markdown rack there either. They'll come out again. I usually post to my Twitter feed [@LuluAddict] when I go to the stores. I'll make sure to note whether the racks are out again.

Anonymous said...

I went to my local Lulu last night. I wanted to see the Beaming Blue Daily Yoga Jacket in person because I like the colour but wanted to see in person how bad the sleeves are. It looked WORST in person then it does online :(. I was hoping it wouldn't be so bad.

Sophia said...

Does the waistband on the laceoflage grooves look wider that usually to anyone besides me?

Anonymous said...

An employee told me that they sent all their markdowns to the outlet store after the weekend. Is it normal for stores to have significantly different markdown prices? I bought some shorts for $29 at one store and the next day I went to another store to find those shorts prices at $44.

Anonymous said...

I just got the yellow boogie shorts, I think they'll be good for hot yoga.
I agree with the comments regarding the forme jacket. I hope the designers at lulu find this website and do a little learning. There is a lot of feedback regarding the designs they are pumping out.
Why doesn't lulu do a green line?


Unknown said...

Markdowns are normal to be different at different stores. I asked that once bc I bought a serenity sweater for 99 on markdown in irvine then for 128 in Santa Monica. They said they markdown due to inventory thus the price differences in different stores